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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Know how a refinance loan can do good to your finance

Due to the fluctuation of the interest rates of the mortgage loans many people are found to go for refinancing their home loan. But it is not always a clever idea to refinance your home loan so as to repay your home loans soon. Only under favorable conditions you should opt for this option. Hence, it is quite important for you to know certain facts about veteran home loans. 
Know how a refinance loan can do good to your finance
  • When is the ideal time to refinance?
Usually when people face financial problems and are unable to stay current with their mortgage payments, they take out a mortgage refinance loan so as to make their monthly loan payments affordable. Even if you can reduce one percent of your current interest rate through a refinance mortgage, you must go for it. But what matters is how long you’re going to stay in your home. If you have plans to change your residence within 2-3 years, then you can’t save money in the long run. It’s because, a huge amount of dollars will be spent as closing cost. It will make sense if you can take out a no-cost loan that will drop your mortgage payment to a significant amount.
  • Is it possible to change the loan period through veteran refinance mortgage?
While you’ll go for refinance, it can be possible to extend the loan term period as per your requirement. If you find that your monthly payments are too much compared to your earning, you can surely apply for a veteran refinance mortgage. But this will cost you more in future. For example, if you have a 15 year home loan of $118,000 at 6.5 % interest, your monthly payments will be $1,300. It is $200 more than $1,107 what she has to pay on a 30 year loan. But over the life of the loan a 15 year loan would have saved you $8,795.

Thus, it is always advisable that whenever you take out a home loan you must first estimate your monthly earning assess your current financial strength and then sign a deal. Before you make an agreement take help of a mortgage payment calculator to compute the interest and your monthly payments. After you have taken out the loan, you must curb your expense and follow a budget to pay the maximum amount on your loan. This will prevent you from further expense which is required while you apply for refinance loan.


  1. A refinance loan has many benefits, and using one may help you repay your existing debt. Understanding how a refinance loan works may be to your benefit.

  2. Is there really a better time than another to refinance? I think that depends on how high your current interest rate is, how much you will pay after refinance and whether it will save you any money.