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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Create a Job, Don’t Wait for One

Although the wrath of the global recession is easing, there have been alarming signs and warnings that a triple dip recession could be on the cards during 2013. Employment is still a tender topic around the world, which was evident in the last week across many of the major cities throughout Europe.


Hundreds of thousands of Europe’s citizens went on strike or lined the streets on Wednesday and at times clashed with riot police in protest, as they demanded that the governments create more jobs and put a stop to benefit cuts. With no end in sight for employment issues it is still as difficult as ever to land the perfect job.

Create a Job, Don’t Wait for One

The times are especially tough for graduates within the USA and the UK with reports that there has been a 25% rise in long-term graduate unemployment mainly due to a 33% average increase in applications. Applicant competition for the best places is intense and because of this more and more graduates are falling short of requirements and in-turn looking for positions outside of their niche.


Due to such difficulties and competition there has also been a rise in entrepreneurial ventures especially in young people, where by graduates who are tired of waiting for a job are creating one. Due to advancements in digital and internet capabilities businesses can now be set up for a very small cost and even managed from a back bedroom. If you are preparing to create your own professional in the e-commerce realm you will need help with online  management.

The web is full of E-commerce based businesses that have proven to be long-term money makers and successes; however external reports suggest that there is only a 50% chance of businesses set up in such a way to survive more than 3 years.


If you have an entrepreneurial flair and a unique business idea then creating a business venture may be right for you. Before jumping head first into such prospects it is important to get sound professional advice and conduct as much market research as physically possible. Although it may seem pessimistic it is a good idea to think of the worst case scenarios with any business venture as this will prepare you for all eventualities, for example it is beneficial to asses options available if your business came into financial difficulty.

An understanding of a company voluntary arrangement can be advantageous as it could be a future solution to allow your business to continue trading when debts are making it difficult. The arrangement sets a period of time in which debts will be paid to creditors of the business, which in-turn can improve cash flow of your newly established business.

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  1. Wonderful idea, but the problem is not everyone is business-minded enough to venture into the unknown. Even more need the benefits connected to working for someone else and fear the unknown. I would advice speaking to a lawyer before taking such a step.