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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Great Savings from your Car

Another year of financial instability is almost over and with the repercussions of the double dip recession still being felt many of us are still searching for ways to save money. Within the 21st century having a car has become a necessary feature of day to day life for many. We are in the age of the commuter with millions of people taking to roads daily to get to and from work despite consistent rises in the costs of motoring. Such rises are mainly attributed to the soaring costs of crude oil, petrol and diesel which affect us every time we visit the pumps; however road tax, repair costs and congestion zones have also risen.

In the current economic climate, with the financial cloud of doom and gloom still hanging over the majority of the economic systems, everyone’s pockets are feeling the pinch but there are many ways we can ease the strain of motoring costs.

Shop around

Although we cannot control the price of fuel when it comes to filling our vehicles up, we can choose where to buy it from and in what quantity. There are many fuel watch websites on the internet that will allow you to locate the cheapest filling station in your local area. Many supermarkets now offer the cheapest and most practical option as you can tie in fuelling with the weekly shopping
Great Savings from your Car

It is also more sensible to fill the car up to its capacity with every visit to prevent regular and avoidable visits. If you are using a company rental car or fleet car to save further money and ensure you receive the best deal optimize the use of a company fuel card. Fuel card suppliers offer fuel management solutions and fuel cards for all sizes of businesses including facilities for small and medium enterprises.

Preventative maintenance

Although maintenance such as servicing and tyre changes present a short term cost,in the long term they can save you stacks of cash. Regularly check tyre pressures are correct to reduce road friction and in turn save fuel. Checking oil, changing air filters regularly and having the car serviced at intervals will also improve engine efficiency by reducing engine friction and overheating.

Compare the Market

Have a good look around when your next insurance renewal is due. It is common knowledge that the best deals for insurances can be found online through highly popular comparison sites. Such comparison websites make it easy to input all of car details and policy requirements which in turn will filter out what you want and don’t want.

Always check the finer details of the policy such as excess amounts and courtesy car entitlements to prevent any unexpected financial stumbling blocks down the line.

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  1. It is always better to cut down the daily expenses to be free from financial stress. Maintaining a car is really costly. But applying sense and sensibility one can easily reduce the cost. These are helpful tips but I think the best one might be cut down the use of the car. Don’t use it for your daily activities. Use public transport for regular activities and use the car on the weekend to enjoy your vacation or date.