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Monday, August 5, 2013

E-trade broking – How can it help you with your investment and trading

In the recent times, E-trade broking has become quite popular because of the various advantages that it has. In the Australian market, it has been popular since 1998. With the help of E-trade, you will be able to offer various benefits like trading products, tools, investment choices, research data, etc. The main aim of this will be to maximise the value and outcomes both for you as well as your clients.

It should also be noted here that with the help of e-trading, you will be able to make significant cost-savings. This kind of trading helps in lowering the overall cost of business as it reduces the fixed overhead costs. It will help you go for a variable cost structure that will allow you to only pay for the actual usage. 

Is e-trading the right option?

If you think of utilizing the option of e-trade broking for investment and trading, they you may be taking the right decision. It should be noted that various e-trading organizations have alliances with various other financial organizations. Thus, you will be able to get tailor made solutions for the type of investment or trading you wish to go for. You will be able to find that both ASX participants and NZSE Brokers are involved in the process. Apart from this, there are independent financial advisers who can guide you through your investment deal and trading. Also, you can go for this option if you are an institutional dealer, upper and hedge fund managers, etc. Banks' Financial Planning and Private Banking Divisions are also benefitted from the option of e-trading. 

E-trade broking – How can it help you with your investment and trading

Outsourcing back office job to e-trading companies

It is should be noted that there are various countries where only 10% of broking firms have their own back-office. But when you want to make most of your trading and investment, you can outsource your administration functions to e-trading companies. This will help you in taking better care of the front-office functions such as advice, wealth management as well as client servicing.

Access to latest technology and superior tools

If you take help of the e-trade broking companies for your investment and trading, then you will have access to various state of the art technology as well as reporting packages. This will help you in taking care of the cost for upgrades, maintenance and support. The trading tools that they offer are also quite superior. You will be able to place orders – single or multiple for a large number of clients or for a particular individual and then release them in the market with one click of the mouse. They will also help you in offering different types of brokerage rates that you may charge your clients. 

Market Information

Well, if you take help of the e-trading companies, then you will be able to get information about the share market, get ample data for taking the right decision, etc. This will help you in placing quick orders for your clients.

Thus, you now have an idea about e-trading and how it can help you in the field of investment and trading. However, it will be solely your discretion as to whether or not you would like to take help of an e-trading firm.

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