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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Way of the Elderly– Equity Release Options

Whether you want to admit it or not every one of us is going to get old one day every young person running riding and driving around with their youthful healthy bodies are going to come to a time where they can’t be that active anymore where they can be as helpful and as useful as they once were. It’s a process all humans go through if one doesn’t die earlier so it is something we should all embrace. People usually focus on the negative if becoming old like becoming slower, stiffer, and weaker also ones memory seems to get worse and also become more prone to diseases and infection. The most powerful factor people fear about getting old is that it’s closer to death closer to the time when one passes away to the unknown and that thought alone can scare people.

The Way of the Elderly– Equity Release Options

There are a some positives that come with old age like being able to see your kids grow up to adulthood and seeing them have children being your grandchildren, the majority of elderly people I have spoke to have said some of the fondest times of their life was with their grand kids. Also a lot of wisdom comes with age because of all the years and experience you’ve gained this can be used to help the younger generation go down the right path. So there are the few positives about becoming older I’m sure there’s a few more but those are the main ones people can recognize.

As a lot of couples are nearing the pension age money can become an issue because sometimes ones pension isn’t enough there have been plenty incidents when an elderly couple or man/woman can’t pay off her debts or can afford the normal necessary things for living because their pension ran out. There are some new options that elderly people can take when in this situation. One option is Equity Release and it involves releasing money from the value of your home, either as a lump sum or as a new monthly income. The way this is achieved is by retaining the use of one’s home but using its value to generate a new source of earnings. Many major lenders provide these mortgage schemes but consumers cannot access them directly. They will need to use brokers and independent advisors. If you are interested in such schemes you compare the latest deals. As house prices are seen to be rising again and retirement income diminishing, it surely is a tempting notion for those who wish to boost their profits later in their life.

Equity Release is something the majority of elderly people in the UK should get involved in because it can be a great help and it can take a lot of the financial pressure of one’s back.

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