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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Know about the key benefits of family holiday insurance

Are you looking forward to going on a long vacation with your family? Well, you’re very likely to face the issues related to savings, expenses and security unless you have suitable family holiday insurance to care of you and your family. Proper family holiday insurance is a necessity these days if you want to enjoy your vacation.

Choosing the right family holiday insurance is matter of shopping around. You’re likely to find convenient deals, but that’s not going to be all that matters. You have to pay an equal amount of attention to the costs. Not doing so will result in a rise in insurance expenses. You wouldn’t like your family holiday insurance to cost you a fortune, would you?

Reduction in holiday costs

The benefits of family holiday insurance are not restricted to just protection and convenience. You’ll be pleased to know that you can also bring down your holiday costs with suitable family holiday insurance. So, how do you do this? Well, reduction in costs can be ensured by getting family holiday insurance instead of using individual holiday insurance packages.

Know about the key benefits of family holiday insurance

In family holiday insurance, your family is insured as a group. This is quite unlike the individual packages where the members are insured individually. The definition of family varies from insurer to insurer. Therefore, you shouldn’t forget to check the definition of insurance as they know it before you buy one.

Independent use

It is not necessary for you to travel with your family all the time to reap the benefits of family holiday insurance. You’re eligible to use the family holiday insurance irrespective of whether or not you’re having company.

Free child insurance

There are some family holiday insurance packages that are known to provide free insurance coverage to children. Well, there are certain terms that need to be met in order to avail of the free child insurance cover. For example, some insurers offer this facility to children travelling with an adult registered with the company. There are many insurers that make this facility available only to children aged 2 or less. This is another reason why family holiday insurance is also seen as a great money saver.

Single parent insurance product

There are families that may not be much willing to put both parents’ names on the insurance policy document. This is the reason why most of the insurers have developed a single parent family product. Such a product will help the single parent families to benefit from the reduced holiday costs as well.
Some family holiday insurance policies come with restrictions. For instance, there are policies that impose restrictions on the number of children that can be named on the policy document, whereas, some impose age based restrictions. It is mandatory for the older children to travel with their family if they are willing to make use of the family holiday or group insurance.

Holiday insurance for veterans

Veterans do carry higher medical risk than younger people. This makes it difficult for them to get family holiday insurance cover. There will be a need to pay higher premiums for a veteran to get insured under a family holiday insurance policy.

Various options

People looking for family holiday or group insurance have several options at their disposal. They can make choices of their own. The options generally include 1-year travel insurance, 1-trip insurance policies etc. The 1-trip insurance policies are meant for a single overseas holiday trip only.

While on vacation

The aforesaid are some of the general benefits of family holiday insurance. The lines below emphasize on how family holiday insurance can help you when you’re on a vacation.

You don’t know how and when your vacation may prove fatal for you. You can always meet an accident or get sick during the vacation. There are chances of getting mugged and losing valuable possessions in the process. The presence of proper family holiday insurance cover makes sure you don’t have to rely on the local police to get your possessions back or get compensated, whichever is applicable.

There is no point in holidaying if you’re unable to free yourself of the worries. After all, that’s exactly why you left your life back home in the first place. Family holiday insurance offers you a definite peace of mind as you spend some quality time vacationing in a beautiful place with your loved ones.

Before you leave

It is not always when you’re on vacation that trouble may come calling. There are chances of disasters even before you have left out on a vacation. You can consider the recent Icelandic volcanic eruption as an example. People from all over the world looking to spend their vacation in Iceland were hit severely by Mother Nature. People without family holiday insurance were unable to lessen the effects of this natural calamity on their holiday plans.

Family holiday insurance makes sure you get your money back in the event of cancellation. This way you don’t have to pay for anything that you’re not responsible for. Family holiday insurance makes sure you enjoy your vacation just the way you intended to. 


  1. Good advice. All it takes is one accident to not only ruin your trip but also end up costing you thousands.

  2. This holiday insurance was new to me. I never heard it before in which country this insurance was adopted?