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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Financial Tips For Young Adults To Manage Their Money

Once you have started working and getting a considerable amount of cash in your hand you tend to have problems handling your personal finances. Considering the fact that young adults face difficulty in saving their income, here are 7 financial tips that can help you out.

1) Curtail excessive spending: Try to go easy on luxury. If you spent too much money on living lavishly you won’t be able to save money. Try not to use expensive brands for clothes, accessories, food items or anything else you buy. Also try to reduce buying items that are not necessary.

2) Take out money from salary: Try to take out 10% of money from your salary immediately after you have received your paycheck. Don’t keep it at the end of the month to store money. Create a savings account and put away the 10% of money from your salary each month in that account.

3) Change eating patterns: If you eat lunch out most of the days then it is time that you change your habits. Ditch the expensive lunch and dinner outside and carry a brown bag lunch to work. In this way you will be able to save considerable amount of money.

Financial Tips For Young Adults To Manage Their Money

4) Start an emergency fund: Start an emergency fund where you can put some money aside each month. You can use this emergency fund in case of medical emergencies or any situation that would need cash payment.

5) Try using public transport: If you use a bus, especially in big cities, you can save money otherwise spent on fuel expenses and parking charges.

6) Shop in bulk: When you go for monthly grocery shopping try to buy the non-perishable items in bulk. Most stores give discounts when you buy items in bulk.

7) Try using cash: Try to use cash instead of credit cards for most of your purchases. Since you will carry only the amount of cash with you that is required for the items you want to buy, you will not end up overspending.

The above tips can help you save money and not fall into debt. If you start managing your finances properly from the time you start working, you are less likely to face problems managing your personal finances later in life.

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  1. Making that shift to brown bagging lunch instead of eating out is hard to do at first, but totally worth it. You can save a lot of money very quickly by bringing food from home.