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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Getting Festive: An Incredible Guide To Budget Christmas Shopping

You may think that you have loads of time until Christmas, but the season will be upon us sooner than you think. Christmas shopping is something that many people find stressful. One of the hardest things about shopping for Christmas gifts is knowing how much to spend. People will tell you that you shouldn't spend too much on Christmas every year, but how can you put that advice into action? 

Christmas Shopping

Most of the time, you are under loads of pressure to buy expensive gifts and luxurious presents. Many people struggle with budgeting when it comes to the festive season. They don't want to look cheap, and so go over the top when it comes to buying gifts. Christmas is not about buying fancy gifts; it's about enjoying quality time with your family. Many people forget that Christmas is a religious holiday. The way people spend you would think they thought Christmas was a celebration of commercialism. Budgeting means that you can still have a wonderful Christmas period without breaking the bank.

Start right now!

Most people tend to leave Christmas shopping until the last few weeks before the big day. That means that they spend high-end prices for basic presents. The stores boost their prices in the lead up to Christmas. The longer you wait to buy your gifts, the more money you will have to spend on them. Starting now will make the entire process less stressful. You can pick up a present a week so that you have done all the shopping when the big day comes. Take advantage of any store sales so that you can get some bargains.

Set a budget

It is vital that you set a budget for your Christmas shopping. Walking into stores without a price in mind means that you will pay anything for the products that you buy. Instead, make sure that you set a sensible budget to use throughout your shopping. Make sure that you keep referring back to the budget from time to time. Don't just estimate the total amount you want to spend. Estimate how much each present should cost you.

Don't give everybody gifts

You might think that you need to get everybody you know a gift, but you don't. Excessive gift-giving will leave you broke after Christmas. Make a list of the people that you need to buy gifts for this year. You should only buy gifts for the people who you value in your life. Buying gifts for coworkers or distant friends will cost you loads of money for no real reason. Once you have your list, you know who you need to buy presents for, and so you don't need to worry. Buy gifts for everybody on the list and then buy two or three gender neutral presents. Sometimes people will give you gifts when you don't expect them to. Having some gender neutral gifts on hand will mean that you always have something to give them in return.

Scrimp on your wrapping paper

When budgeting, you have to find areas in which you can save money. Wrapping paper might look nice under the tree, but it is a huge waste of cash. Scrimp on your wrapping paper this year so that you have more money for the actual presents. You can buy cheap gift-wrap from discount stores, rather than buying expensive wrapping paper. People won't notice the difference between cheap paper and luxury paper, and so there is no need to spend loads on it.

Buy presents online or abroad

Sure, the high-street stores bump up their prices in the lead up to Christmas, but you can still get some real bargains online. If you buy presents from abroad, you will find that they will be much cheaper than the presents in stores. These days sending money abroad is easy over the internet, and so you have your choice of loads of vendors. Make sure that you look for bulk discounts when you order anything online. You can often save loads of money by ordering an item in bulk. That means that you can save loads on your Christmas shopping if you get people similar items. If you are looking for something specific that you know someone would really enjoy such as cheap concert tickets because they are a huge music lover, then you will need to search online for the best deals out there to get what you need.

Look for 'three for two' offers

Soon the high-street stores will be stocking their Christmas products. Many stores offer a 'three for two' offer on Christmas presents. That means that if you buy three items in the store, you only pay for two of them. The offer helps the store because it means you buy more things in there, but it also helps you, as you get one gift for free. The main trouble with the offer is that you often can't find something for everybody in every store. Make sure that the gifts you pick are suitable for the recipient.

Spend less, think more

You don't always have to spend loads of money on a gift for it to make a great impression. Sometimes, you can buy the perfect gift for next to nothing. When you are planning what gifts you are going to buy for people, take the time to think about what they would like. Choosing a gift that means something to the recipient will mean so much more to them than just buying them something expensive. Try and think about what hobbies the person has and what their passions are. Showing that you have put a lot of thought and imagination into a gift is the best present you can ever give.

Take bags to the stores

When you're shopping, make sure that you take some bags with you. Many stores will charge you extra for a bag when you buy items. That means that you will pay more money for the gifts that you buy. Taking bags with you when you go shopping will save you loads of money. Some stores might start introducing a pay-per-bag policy during the holidays. That means that you will always save money by taking bags yourself. Doing so helps to save the environment and also save you cash.

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