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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Smart Cars Are a Smart Investment

A lot of people’s reactions to seeing a Smart car are either laughter or commenting on how ‘cute’ it appears. While both of these are fairly understandable responses, these vehicles shouldn't just be brushed aside as a mere novelty act. 

Smart Cars

Designed for city driving their low cost and small stature makes them ideal for commuting purposes. Their increasing popularity means there are many available to purchase second hand as well.   

Compact Size

Yes, Smart cars are small. Funnily enough they were designed that way on purpose. It makes parking in tight urban spaces a lot easier than in any other vehicle and its lightweight factor means, even though it possesses a small engine, it can zip around cities easily. No excuse for being late to work now!  

Motorway driving may be slightly scarier but it does boast impressive safety credentials and for getting to work on time and doing the shopping it’s perfect. There’s also a surprising amount of room in the cabin, even though only two seats exist.  

Reduced Fuel Costs

The majority of Smart cars feature 1.0 litre or 0.9 turbocharged engines and boast 60+ mpg. The engines have been improved since the first model arrived on the scene, making them more efficient than ever. Relying on less petrol than their rivals results in lower fuel costs too.  

Environmentally friendly is also an aim of the brand. Most produce less than 100g/km CO2 meaning they’re tax free. Recyclable material is used in the construction of the newest models with hybrid and electric versions available for the most eco-conscious. As well as air pollution they also cut back on noise pollution, a quieter engine making a much nicer journey.  

Innovative and Modern

One of the newest car manufacturers around after forming in 1994, Smart cars are sharp looking and slot into any city environment easily. The first range of cars to be smaller than the Mini, they appeal to plenty of environmentally friendly drivers. 

The low cost isn’t reflected in poor quality and basic features though. Heated seats are available in some of the latest models, along with leather seats, power windows and locks. The extended moon roof allows plenty of sunshine to beam through on clear days too. A Smart car provides more than what you pay for and their continuing rise in popularity means they’re an incredibly worthwhile investment.

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