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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Working 9 to 5's Not the Only Way to Make a Living

Every day, more and more people become disillusioned with the ‘regular’ 9-5 life. They can’t face punching that clock one more time - it feels like they are wasting their lives doing something they hate. The good news is they, and you don’t have to go down the conventional route. Working 9 to 5 really isn’t the only way to make a living!

If you’ve had enough of the rat race, here are some alternative ways of making money that you may want to consider:


Freelancers are individuals who are brave enough to take their future into their own hands by waving goodbye to regular employment and selling their skills on their own terms instead. 

9 to 5 job

If you have a particular skill, whether it be copywriting, graphic design, computer programing or photography, you can use websites like and to find clients willing to pay for your work. The advantage if this is that you can set your own schedule, turn down work that doesn’t inspire you, and in most cases, work from any location in the world you would like, all while bringing in the money. Does it get any better than that?

The only possible downside of freelancing is that regular work isn’t guaranteed, so you will really need to sell yourself if you want to be a success.

Start a Business

Starting a small business isn’t for the faint hearted, that’s for sure, but if you want to spend your days doing something you love, rather than wasting away at a job you hate, it’s a great option, especially now that the internet and the abundance of small business loans has made starting a company a lot easier. Sure, although you won’t have to work 9-5 anymore, in the early stages at least, you will need to work hard, but once your business is established, you can delegate more and create the kind of life you really want. The key is to choose a business you enjoy, feel knowledgeable about, and which can be largely automated in the future, such as an affiliate marketing blog or drop shipping venture.


Becoming a consultant is a good way to have your cake and eat it. You can use all of the skills and experience you gained in your current job to make you, even more, money than you were earning as an employee, and choose your own working hours to boot.

As a consultant, your job will be to advise businesses on their practices, so really you will be selling your knowledge without having to do any real work.It makes for a really nice change of pace, and it can be quite lucrative too!


Platforms like BigCommerce and have made it really easy to set up your own online store. You can create your own retail business at the click of a button and, providing you invest in a desirable product; you will be able to make a living without working anywhere close to 8 hours a day.Of course, in the early days, you’ll have to put a lot of time, and perhaps money, into your products and marketing to ensure a success.

The world is full of opportunities that don’t require a 9-5 working day that there is no reason for you to be constrained as you work your way towards financial freedom.

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