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Monday, October 9, 2017

Stop What You're Doing And Start Building A Credit Score For Your Business

If you’ve taken steps to secure your personal finances and keep your life stable, then you’ll know all about credit scores. Hopefully, you’ve got yours in shape, and know all the benefits of a high credit score. But, did you know you can build a separate credit score for your business? Few people know this, but it’s something you should definitely think about. 

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Why? Because it can bring a whole host of advantages to you and your business, both presently and in the future. Below, you will see some of the main advantages you’ll get:

Easier Access To Finance Options

Just like when you want to apply for a personal loan, any business loans you apply for will be affected by your business credit score. In fact, it even says on that some companies can be denied loans after a credit check. If your personal credit score is low, it will affect any loans your business may look for. As such, if you work on building a positive business credit score, you can apply for better loans and be at a lower risk of rejection. This can help you secure funding when you desperately need it, such as when an emergency disrupts your company. 

Keeps Your Personal Credit Score Separate

You also have the advantage of separating your personal finances from your business finances. When you own a business and don’t have a business credit score, you own score is tied to your business finances. As a consequence, let’s say something bad happens, and your business goes bust. This reflects badly on you, can damage your personal credit score, and wreak havoc on your personal finances. With a business credit score you keep things separate and any issues your company faces won’t affect your personal credit history. 

Enhances Your Professional Reputation

Thirdly, a business credit score can help you gain a professional business reputation. If you saw a list of companies with good credit scores, you’re likely to see some of the biggest and most well-established companies in the land. Having a good business credit score is almost like a badge of honor. It shows you’re serious about things and have gone the extra mile to look out for your business. This then opens the door for more benefits because of your professional reputation. I’m not going into this as it will take too much time, but there are loads of sites like that have lists of all the benefits a good reputation brings your business.

In short; building a credit score for your business will help you in multiple ways. It can help your business get bigger and better, but it can also help you personally. Keep your personal finances separate from your business money, and it will protect you if things go wrong. At the end of the day, there are no negatives to building a business credit score, and it’s not a hard thing to do. So, what’s your excuse? You may as well do it!

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