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Monday, November 27, 2017

Freedom Debt Relief Reveals the Latest Financial Tools and Apps

Whether you are looking for a way to save more money, track your investments, reduce taxes, or pay off your debt, there is probably an app out there to help you. With so many different financial needs out there, developers are constantly working to create tools to help you meet your goals. Freedom Debt Relief recommends these top apps and tools to help you improve your financial situation.

BluePrint Income

This great tool is bringing back the personal pension. What this awesome tool does is allow you to contribute monthly to a pension plan – like what companies used to offer their employees. Pensions were faded out from most businesses to reduce costs, but “once upon a time” they were a great way for people to save for retirement.

Financial Tools and Apps

According to Freedom Debt Relief, BluePrint Income was co-founded by a former official of the US Treasury and designed to provide moderate, but safe returns. It is designed for people who are at least five years away from retirement to save money to cover living expenses. While social security may help in some cases, often it is not enough.

BluePrint only uses top rated insurance companies who guarantee to pay you a fixed rate upon retirement – no matter how long you live or what happens with the stock market.

Birch Finance

If you like to “work” the rewards on your credit cards, then this app could be the one for you. According to this company, the average shopper misses out on $200 worth of rewards from their cards every year. So what Birch does is help you discover these rewards. First, when you sign up to use this tool, it will look at your existing cards, show you where you missed out on rewards, and how you can maximize your rewards on future spending – all in real time.

It also analyzes your spending habits and recommends new cards that would benefit you. However, it is not yet set up to make card recommendations on cards for your online spending. And Freedom Debt Relief recommends only using this is you are in the habit of paying off your credit cards regularly. You don’t want to go into further debt to earn more rewards.

Take Command Health

Confused about health care? Many people find navigating the different policy choices confusing. And that is where this new tool comes in. Take Command Health asks you a series of questions about your health, doctors, and prescriptions. With this information, it recommends the best plans both on and off the healthcare exchanges.

According to their website, 88 percent of Americans made health care plan decisions that cost them, on average, $500 more each year for unnecessary healthcare expenses. With Take Command Health, you can eliminate some of the confusion. There is no fee for their basic service. Freedom Debt Relief suggests taking that $500 you’ll save when you use this service and put it towards paying down your debt, or in a savings account.


After the Equifax breech, credit protection is on the minds of many people. Equifax did offer some credit monitoring services, which protect you in some ways, but not all. You see, these measures will help prevent thieves from opening new accounts using your credit information, but these freezes and alerts won’t protect your existing accounts. EverSafe is a tool that you can use to monitor a wide range of financial activities. This is a fee-based service. Their basic service costs $7.49 a month and their full service is $19.99 a month.

Even if you use a monitoring service, Freedom Debt Relief suggests that you check your accounts regularly as well. Frequently checking your accounts helps you monitor irregular activity, plus it also helps you stay mindful of your spending and saving habits.

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