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Happy New Year 2012. We all are celebrating this new year but we can make it more better with our savings. 

Make your new year happy with budgeting and savings

Saving is a thing which always gives you happiness but to get that we should follow some steps :

1. Avoid using credit cards 

Excessive usage of credit card is always harmful and it gives us pain after we use. So in this new year we should set a target to use our credit card to avid debt.

2. Make your budget 

Whatever we do , we always have to make a budget to make things perfect. Budgeting is not only applicable in monthly expenses but it also helps in our miscellaneous expenses. We can set a goal of budgeting for our monthly expenses as well as for the new year party. 

3. Pay your dues 

If you have previous dues , you have to set a amount from your monthly budget to pay it. It will reduce your tension and gives you a healthy life ahead.

That was some important things which you can use to make your new year more special for you. Enjoy the holiday season ..... :)

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