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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Protect your premises with property insurance

A UK home or business owner's property is historically very rarely going to come under threat from rioting mobs, but this should not stop people protecting their assets.

The first question that will generally be asked by anyone affected by such issues is "Can I claim on my property insurance for any damage?” Fortunately the answer is likely to be yes, but it is vital that people contact their provider as soon as possible, whether it is their house or their offices that have been hit.

Here is some advice on what to do if you find yourself having to contact your insurer. 

Protect your premises with property insurance


If your home was unlucky enough to be caught up in a period of rioting, there is every chance that it may have suffered in some way. Whether it is simply a broken window or something more serious such as having a shed burn down, you will certainly be tempted to make claim.

The key is to send in the application as soon as you can, making sure all the details are correct and there has been no exaggeration of the damage. Do not be tempted to make a fraudulent claim for something that did not happen during a disturbance, as you may end up not receiving any money at all.

If a period of rioting has meant you had to leave your house, you may even be compensated by your insurance provider for the cost of staying in a hotel.


Companies will often find their properties are more commonly-hit targets during riots, since people involved tend to strike at places that they feel are better off - which can include all sorts of businesses.

The good news is most policies will allow firms to claim money back for damage done to offices and shops; while some will compensate them for losses suffered during the period when trading was interrupted. Again, filing the claim straight away is always recommended, since there may be a deadline to meet.

For anyone touched by a civil disturbance or riot, the key is to remember that insurance companies were created for just this type of situation - when disaster strikes. However, it is vital not to be caught out by terms and conditions, so read your policy well.

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