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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Find an Inexpensive Divorce Lawyer with Experience

Trying to locate a divorce lawyer that is both inexpensive and experienced is not an easy task. This requires you to research those lawyers that are competent but don't charge an arm and a leg to handle divorces. While it is not impossible and is a combination that most people expect to find, most people are of the mindset that inexpensive lawyers are not as effective as those that charge enough for your divorce to send their kids through college. In reality, this is not necessarily true; you can pay two different prices and obtain the same quality service just as you can buy an appliance at two different prices and receive the same quality.

Find an Inexpensive Divorce Lawyer with Experience

There is no doubt it takes more time to choose an inexpensive divorce lawyer, but it is definitely worth the time to prevent your divorce action from cleaning out your entire divorce settlement. It is impossible to eliminate all the fees associated with divorce since lawyers do not work on a contingency basis nor can you demand your spouse foot the entire bill unless it is included in the final divorce settlement; what you can do is take the time to conduct research and hire a divorce lawyer that has enough expertise to effectively represent you but cheaper than other lawyers in the area.

There is a method to searching for divorce lawyers that are both effective but charge lower fees than most other lawyers. Some of the things worth considering during your research include the following :
  • Avoid law firms and look for lawyers that practice alone. The larger law firms tend to charge higher fees because they must cover the overhead costs of benefits including partnerships and a substantial office staff.
  • Seek out those divorce lawyers that are located in lower rent districts. The key factor is the more a lawyer has to pay in overhead costs, the more he or she has to charge clients in order to just break even.
  • If you choose a mediator for your negotiations it can save you some money. Since divorce lawyers charge by the hour, the fewer hours they have to devote to your case, the less you will have to pay.
  • Venture beyond your regional area to find a divorce lawyer. If you travel a little farther, you can sometimes reduce your costs substantially, especially if you currently live in an area that has a higher than average cost of living.
  • Avoid law offices that boast of fancy offices with secretaries, receptionists, paralegals and partners: these firms charge more to handle all legal issues because they must make enough to handle the additional overhead that is part of a fancy office with several staff members.
You are certainly not going to find a divorce lawyer willing to represent you for free, but you can offset some of the financial effects of divorce by seeking out a lawyer that has more reasonable fees. You still want to conduct research and make sure you choose someone who will act in your best interests, namely someone who has a lower fee structure but the expertise to provide the best counsel possible. A competent lawyer does not need a fancy office; he or she needs expertise, education and experience.


  1. Finding the right lawyer is very tough because most of them are not trustworthy but the way you have suggested in the article definitely help people to look at :)

  2. It really is difficult to find an attorney with the experience you need that will not cost you an arm and a leg, but it IS possible when you do your research and use a little common sense.

  3. Choosing a small law firm is definitely a cheaper way to go. Big corporate law firms will charge more money and don't have the same time to devote to cases.