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Saturday, December 17, 2011

How Much Does It Cost To Live And Work Abroad?

Escaping from the daily grind and the realities of western life to go and live somewhere nice and sunny and spend your evenings relaxing on the beach or whatever else… That’s the dream isn’t it? There aren’t many things more appealing than this idea, but the sad reality is that few people ever make it there.

How Much Does It Cost To Live And Work Abroad?
It really doesn’t have to be that hard though, in fact it might be easier on your finances than staying at home – so if you are serious about achieving your dreams, what can you do about it?

The first hurdle

The main reason that most people cite for not being able to do it is that their finances won’t allow it. Where are you going to get the money from and how will you fund your ideal lifestyle abroad?

Option 1: Working Abroad

If you wanted to get a new job in this country you would just go and get one, but when it comes to finding a job overseas most people assume they can’t do it. The reality though is that getting over there is the hardest part – getting a fairly menial job shouldn’t be hard though and you can quickly move up the ladder once you are settled in. English speakers in most countries have very good prospects, so you are already at a big advantage if you can read this post!

Option 2: Earn Money Online

In this day and age it really is possible to build a business online which can be run from anywhere. You have to be inventive and don’t fall for get rich quick schemes. Depending on where you want to live your new business venture may not need to be as successful as you might expect.

What’s It Going To Cost?

So however you plan to fund your lifestyle abroad, you need to figure out the finances and before you start you need to decide where you would actually like to live? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?

The great thing about the world is that some of the most stunning places are incredibly cheap to live in and if you pick carefully you can buy a great quality of life quite cheaply.

Here’s an option

So let’s look at India as an example, the currency in India is the Rupee, and you can get yourself a pretty nice apartment in some areas for a few thousand of them a month. In fact, when you run all of the numbers and do a little research you will find that you can actually live a fantastic lifestyle for less than $500 a month…
And that’s living much more comfortably than you would at home for 4 times as much.

So what’s the moral?

Well ok, you might not fancy India specifically, but the point is this: Living your dream lifestyle is more doable than you might have thought. The first step is to set yourself a real goal, price it up, then visit currency converter and find out what it’s going to take to make it real.

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