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Monday, January 30, 2012

How technology reshaped the way we do business

During the last few years, we have encountered a drastic increase in the rate of change in technology. Technology has changed our businesses tremendously. Just look around you and you will realize how wired we are today. Look at the business processes that are changed. The use of technology has made businesses more efficient.

How technology reshaped the way we do business

All of these advancements brought along a tremendous change in way we communicate. You must have seen new communication channels allowing people to stay in touch, no longer confined by borders. Eventually, all of it played its role in making businesses more efficient.

Let’s review a few ways in which technology has really impacted the way we run businesses.

Technology has made businesses moving faster!

The invention of internet and computer has revolutionized the world. It has made businesses move faster than ever before. Therefore, the growth opportunities businesses have these days are massive. Because of internet, businesses can now be connected with the businesses throughout the world while sitting in one part of the globe. Businesses are now streamlined on a global basis which enhances the flexibility and responsiveness to interactions within a business network.

Technology has made business communication quicker!

Technology has allowed businesses to virtually meet despite being at the opposite corners of the world. Today, smart phones can connect you with the entire business network whether you are out of office and enable you to respond quickly. Business interactions have become quicker and smoother because memos and faxes have been replaced by emails.

Moreover, through the facilities of conference calling, video conferencing, cloud computing, Skype and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, local businesses can connect to a larger business network. This quick responsiveness and ability to easily share viewpoints have greatly increased business productivity.

Technology has made businesses move on speedily!

How technology reshaped the way we do business
Only a few years ago, many of us trouble imagining that we’d be able to book airlines online, receive, send and transfer funds via our bank accounts through the internet and most importantly, buy grocery and everything else from the comfort of our very homes. It has given birth to a similar kind of ease for businesses as well, making it incredibly easy for them to reach out to massive for effectively.

In general, internet has proven to be a speedy and inexpensive way to engage customers that has certainly opened ways for business growth. The word “internet” seems to be a connotation which has greatly assisted business growth, because, nowadays if you can’t find a business online, it means either it is outdated or it is run by a very unprofessional management.

Technology has ironed out the difference!

Technology has not just opened doors for business owners to find ways for business growth but it has given an equal chance to buyers to communicate to sellers just so they can make better buying decisions. It just does not only allow businesses to collaborate but also reduces entry barriers for businesses to enter bigger, greener markets around the globe.

Buyers and sellers can communicate and develop a better relationship than before and then close the deals. Blogs, newsletters and emails are all but ways that business owners developed to engage their customers in a better manner. Technology has simply ironed out the differences, bringing them all on the same page.

Other than these few points, it is due to technology that certain needs of customers are being met and they get to find new and innovative products with each passing day. The benefits of technology have been reaped mutually by both the consumer as well as the seller.

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