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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Worst Home Owner Association (HOA) Abuses Of Power In 2011

Put the wrong people into power and they’re bound to make colossally self serving decisions.

Wheelchair Bound Veteran Drags Down Home Values?

Take for example; wheelchair bound Sgt. 1st Class Sean Gittens, who wanted to build a small home in Evans, GA. It came to light that Sean’s home wouldn't be large enough to compliment the rest of the homes in the neighborhood. They feared that the small home would drag down the value of the rest of the homes in the neighborhood.

The Worst Home Owner Association (HOA) Abuses Of Power In 2011

The HOA went as far as telling Sgt. Gittens that he could build his home if he would add a second story to the structure. Sgt. Gittens and his family decided to build their home elsewhere.

No Therapy Play For Children With Cerebral Palsy?

In Lexington, KY another group of self serving board members got together and decided that the therapy play house in the back of one of the homes was an eyesore. This playhouse was built for a 3 year old with cerebral palsy.

His mother Tiffany, was thrilled that the therapy playhouse had helped her son to learn to walk up and down stairs. The heartless HOA didn’t care. If it wasn’t for public outcry when the media got a hold of the story the playhouse would have had to been removed.

Holding The Virgin Mary For Ransom

Does a HOA have the right to remove your property from your yard and tell you that you can’t have it back until you pay their fines? A home owners association in Pittsburgh thinks that they do. A family in their neighborhood had a statue of the Virgin Mary in their front yard, a flagrant violation of their rules about displaying objects on common ground.

The family had incurred $4,000 dollars worth of fines while battling with the HOA over their common ground rule. The home owners association grew tired of waiting for a check and removal of the statue. They took it upon themselves and removed the statue from their property and held it for $4,000 in ransom.

Of course these are the most extreme stories that I could find but there’s more out there. Every day HOA’s gather together to make decisions that are in their best interest and not in the best interest of their members.

Do HOA’s need to be governed? Maybe, but another self serving group governing another self serving group probably isn’t going to be in the best interest of home owners. What do you think? Do HOA’s need to be regulated? Is the small amount regulation imposed by local government enough? What can we do to stop  HOA board members from abusing their power?

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  1. The NAZI HOA in Lincoln, California has caught it bad. Violating FCC law and blocking residents from accessing sites that review the poorly.

    They also say claim your garage door can only be open be you are driving in or out, and no other time. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So I got the addresses of every board member and counted a total of 143 violations of their own rules!

    CNN just completed an undercover investigation and it is being edited right now. Seems they can't account for 8 million dollars in property taxes collected.

    Beware Lincoln Crossing. You are about to be crucified.