12 Ways for Decorating Your Garden on Budget

How the outside of your home is maintained can be a good indication of what it is like on the inside. What image are you portraying about your home? Decorating your garden is a great way to show others that you love and care for your home. However, decorating doesn’t always come cheap. Below are 12 ways for decorating your garden on the budget. These tips will help get the outside of your home looking as good as the inside.
1. Flea markets

12 Ways for Decorating Your Garden on Budget
Flea markets often have great merchandise that can help decorate your garden for very little money. The items may be gently used, but will definitely save you some money. Look for the gardening section at your local flea market.
2. Do it yourself
Perhaps you’ve been collecting glass bottles over the years have nothing to do with them. Consider making a beautiful garden decoration by making a bottle tree. Look for items around your home that you have been collecting over the years and find a creative way to add them to your garden.
3. Bring the inside out
Instead of throwing things out or putting them in a garage sale, consider bringing the inside out. An old chair or piece of furniture can quickly because an nice outdoor piece for very little or no cost at all.
4. Search the clearance section 
If you are serious about saving money, you probably know where the clearance section is in all of your favorite stores. Visit the clearance sections often with the goal of decorating your garden in mind. You are likely to find some inexpensive items that will make your garden look fabulous.
5. Buy out of season 
When it comes to buying patio furniture, you never want to buy in season. Wait until the end of the season and buy the larger items you need to create the perfect garden. You can literally save hundreds of dollars by buying when things go on sale.
6. Utilize the internet
The internet can offer you good savings on garden décor all year round. Look on websites that specialize in overstock items for the best savings.
7. Recycle
The concept of recycling can definitely help you add to the beauty of your garden. Learn how to reuse everything! Take advantage or recycling centers near you. They may just have what you need to help decorate your garden on a budget.
8. Check the dump
The dump doesn’t seem like the most pleasant place to get beautiful décor for your garden but you can definitely find a few treasures at the dump. Make a trip to the dump every now and then and find items sitting beside the dumpsters that can be used for your garden. With a little cleaning, these things will be like new.
9. Get freebies from friends
Do your friends have things they want to get rid of that will work perfectly in your garden? Don’t be afraid to ask friends if they have any freebies they want to get rid of.
10. Salvation Army or Goodwill
These two stores have tons of merchandise for great prices. You might have to dig but you are certain to find cheap items for your garden.
11. Plants
If you are going to have a garden, you will need plants. Whether its crop yielding plants or simply flowers, you will need to save money when planting. Choose less than perfect plants at a discount price and nurture them back to health. This can save you money and beautify your garden.
12. Life’s little memories
Make memories with your children and add them to your garden. Buy a sack of concrete and make stepping stones using rocks, handprints, etc. A beautiful garden will always include life’s little memories created for your by your children or grandchildren.
Listed above is 12 ways that you can decorate your garden on a budget. You don’t have to have tons of money to create the perfect outdoor space. With these creative ideas you are likely to have the perfect escape for very little money. Take advantage of these ideas and begin creating the perfect outdoor space. 

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2 thoughts on “12 Ways for Decorating Your Garden on Budget

  1. I am on a mission this summer to "pretty" up our garden but with having also starting cutting back on our spending it will have to be done on a budget. Thank you for all your fantastic ideas they will be put to good use!

  2. Divorce can have a major impact on your pocket book, but also on your way of life. Sometimes people pick up new hobbies such as gardening, and having useful tips on how to save and still enjoy your hobby is very helpful!

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