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Monday, February 6, 2012

4 Things You Shouldn't Avoid

When someone faces one setback after another it's easy to feel like life is out to get you. Like a one-two punch things can spiral so far out of control you're just left reeling. At this point in a person's life it becomes very difficult to be anything but reactionary when what seems like a barrage of negativity keeps coming at you. The natural reaction is to just lay low and hunker down until the waters calm but that plan of non-action can often make things worse. No matter how tough life gets try to keep up with the following issues because these things rarely get better on their own...


4 Things You Shouldn't Avoid
If something's wrong find a way to get checked out, even if you have to borrow money from a friend or family member to do it. You may also want to check to see if your local city or county government has resources for financial aid or medical assistance; some offer free blood-pressure screenings as well as mammograms. Whenever possible keep up with your preventative care. If you simply can't afford a dentist you might want to check out the local medical colleges to see if they offer free or low-cost cleanings and routine care.


This one's particularly tricky because the very setbacks mentioned above may be what got you into debt, so how do you fight your way back out? Consider looking into a debt consolidation plan to see if you can get your interest rates lowered and start tackling your bills. If you're able to get an extra part-time job specifically to knock out your debt then all the better because the interest alone is just like giving money away without any good for the return.


4 Things You Shouldn't AvoidMurphy's Law says that as soon as you let your insurance slip something's going to go wrong. Don't find yourself in an untenable situation because you're caught uninsured with your vehicle or home. Health insurance too, if you're lucky enough to have it. If you let your health insurance slide and then become ill then you will not only not have coverage - you will also be saddled with what's considered a pre-existing condition, which will make it difficult for you to get coverage in the future. Skip the lattes and pay your insurance!


While this is more on the emotional plane than financial, small hurts can often mushroom into big hurts if not addressed quickly and effectively. And if the problem's with a co-worker or boss then it absolutely could have a negative effect on your paycheck. But no matter what the relationship, if you have been wronged or someone feels you've wronged them either try to work it out or do your best to gracefully let the relationship go. If they have value in your life then work to patch things up because life is fragile. If no resolution can be found then stop expending energy on people who aren't really in your corner. Either way you will be turning your back on negativity and opening your heart up to the good that can be found in life.

Once you're healthy, debt-free and on solid ground with your loved ones then life, in all its complexity, should be soon looking sweet again.

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