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Monday, February 6, 2012

Renters Insurance for Students - Is it Worth It?

Student Renters Insurance

Moving out for the first time into college is a scary thought. One way to protect yourself and belongings in case of fire, theft, and other problems is to have student renters insurance. With most college students living on campus, off campus, or in a roommate situation renters insurance is one way to help protect your belongings. With the cheap cost of renters insurance, there is no reason not to have the protection that you need.

What Does Renter's Insurance Cover?

Renters insurance should be a no brainer, but those who are considering it do not fully understand what it does to protect them. Renters insurance covers a variety of different situations that can occur. One of the things it covers is theft, if you were to come home from a weekend away and found your laptop, TV, and jewelry stolen it would be devastating.

Renters Insurance for Students - Is it Worth It?
With renters insurance, these essentials are covered and can be replaced. Other situations that may cause you to lose your belongings are caused by natural disasters. So, in the event of a flood, wind, or fire your belongings can be replaced quickly and easily. It also covers hail damage, electrical surges, and water damage from a broken pipe. 

The list is virtually endless in the protection that you receive for such a little cost. On average, a policy with $10,000 in liability coverage can be as little as $200 dollars a year or less - a small price to pay for peace of mind. Policies even cover people you have over so if your friends decide to get a little bit out of control. If, one of your friends gets hurts on your property you can be covered with the insurance claim with your friend by having renters insurance.

Renter's Insurance Discounts

You can apply certain discounts if your apartment is equipped with anti-theft devices. Some policies offer discounts for fire alarm systems, sprinklers, or even double locks on your doors. It is important to thoroughly review the discount options before approving your final policy. These items can discount your rates even lower over the life of the policy.


The cost of student renters insurance is an excellent way to continue to have a little bit of peace of mind while living on your own. It also gives your loved ones back home the additional peace of mind that they need knowing that you are protected against anything that may happen. It also shows that you are truly taking responsibility for the things you have and the things you will earn in the process. So, start looking for the most affordable renters insurance today.

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  1. Insurance available for all student because every one students are not same...