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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Auto Insurance Buying Tips That Save You Money

Auto insurance is one of those things you can’t avoid having. Aside from New Hampshire, every state in America requires that you get auto insurance before you can legally drive your motor vehicle. Because auto insurance isn’t cheap, finding ways to save money when you buy auto insurance is a big plus. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

Auto Insurance Buying Tips That Save You Money

Ok, I know you’ve heard it a million times already, but shopping around for your auto insurance is a great way to keep your annual premiums down. Shopping around doesn’t mean calling two or three companies and buying auto insurance from the cheapest quote. The correct way to do it is to know what to ask for.


There are quite a few discounts many auto insurance companies offer consumers; good driving record discount, good student discount, anti-theft device discount, multi-policy discount, air bag discounts, defensive driving course discount, anti-lock brake discount, and some insurance companies offer a motorized seatbelt discount. When you call to get auto insurance, always ask what discounts they offer.

Higher Deductible Savings

Almost all auto insurance companies will offer consumers a significant savings on their annual auto insurance premiums if they accept a higher deductible amount. Before you click that mouse and totally discount this savings technique, hear me out.

What are the odds that you’ll end up in an accident? More drivers than not have a lifetime of driving without ever getting in an accident. If you don’t have an accident, then you’ll never wind up paying that higher deductible anyways. Ok, but let’s say you do wind up in an accident, and have to payout that deductible. You may still make out in the long run.

If you add up the amount of money you’ve saved on your annual premiums each year, there’s a good chance that number will be greater than that higher deductible. It’s certainly something to consider, especially if you don’t drive your vehicle a lot.

Buy Auto Insurance Directly

When you buy anything directly you almost always save money. Bypassing the middleman and buying auto insurance directly from the company is no different. Sure, it may be a little more time-consuming, but you could also save a lot on your auto insurance.

At Least Five

Finally, you really need at least five different quotes in order to determine comparatively if you’re getting a real savings on your auto insurance premiums.

Don’t overpay for auto insurance. Use these tips to get auto insurance and start saving today.

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  1. Great tips. Before buy a brand new vehicle or car choose sensible. Don't just consider the car or truck around the vehicle while shopping. Certain cars tend to be more pricey to insure than the others, which means you could end up having to pay much more in vehicle insurance than you would expect if you purchase that nice sports vehicle rather than the 4 door sedan. Cars that may be stolen or which have parts that are more expensive to exchange could be more costly to insure. Remember that when you choose to buy a brand new vehicle.