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Friday, November 2, 2012

5 Reasons Diamonds Make Good Christmas Gifts

Whether you are considering giving a diamond ring to a girlfriend or wife, diamond jewellery to family members or friends, or a modest loose diamond collection to a valued business partner, both gift giver and recipient are guaranteed to be happy with the outcome. With Christmas looming on the horizon, it is the perfect occasion to treat somebody special to these wonderful gifts. Here's why:


The eternal beauty of diamonds. It may be a well-worn cliché – not to mention a classic Bond movie! – but the phrase “diamonds are forever” has lost none of its meaning. Diamonds never fade, never chip and never perish. Their beauty is one that can be passed down through the generations, and this is why a diamond given at Christmas will never be forgotten.

A most elegant investment. Diamonds as an investment should never be underestimated. Just like gold, diamonds are insulated from the buffeting of the markets' ups and downs, and guaranteed to remain one of the scarcest and most valuable commodities on this planet. Loose diamonds in particular make the ideal investment, highly portable, indestructible and deeply satisfying, although coloured diamonds are also proving very popular at the moment.

The season of goodwill. Christmas is a time characterised by gift giving, and with diamonds being a symbol of either love or respect – or both – they are a great way to encapsulate the Christmas cheer and goodwill we feel towards those close to us at that time of the year.

A gift that's part of history. Diamonds have been around since before the dawn of history, and they will be around long after we are gone. As a Christmas gift, you are giving a friend, colleague or loved one something that is among the rarest items in the world – it is not for nothing that they are a symbol of pure luxury.

As unique as the recipient. A diamond gift is guaranteed to make the recipient feel special – as unique as the diamond itself. Although someone may receive many gifts over the Christmas period, it is the diamonds that are going to stand out, and the deep personal message that they contain will be as plain as a plum pudding!

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