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Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting Personal Injury Claims Advice

Figures show that health and safety claims cost U.K. businesses billions of pounds every year. Even though the government has decided to tighten up health and safety policies across the country, Leeds City Council paid out over £1.2 million to staff members who have had accidents at work since 2007.

Getting Personal Injury Claims Advice

Claim satisfaction

Though it may sometimes be impossible to prevent accidents from happening, trained personal injury claims solicitors can help make sure employees receive the required compensation. According to Yorkshire Evening Post, Leeds City Council had to compensate for a hundred of staff injury claims per each year since 2007, including £150,000 for a trip that caused numerous injuries and £12,000 for an assault.

Getting expert advice

A new decision made by the Court of Appeal will save insurers 300 million pounds, according to James Dalton from the Association of British Insurers.

Despite the fact that the British personal injury compensation system has recently been overlooked and all new claims made after April 1 2013 will bring increased awards for claimants, it’s extremely important to contact personal injury solicitors to get the compensation you deserve, be it a road traffic accident, fall, work accident or medical negligence you encountered.

What services to look for?

As most cases are held on a “no win, no fee basis”, claimants only have to pay for the solicitors’ services if their compensation claims are successful. Certain companies offer extra money and free personal injury treatments for using their services, which makes a good addition to the 100% compensation they help you achieve.

When searching for competent personal injury claim consulting, look out for companies that are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority whose purpose is “to set, promote and secure in the public interest standards of behaviour and professional performance necessary to ensure that clients receive a good service and that the rule of law is upheld”.

Make sure the service you opt for is available 24/7 and aimed at settling personal injury claims as quickly as possible. Reputable companies take care of all the paperwork and phone calls concerning the claim and don’t use the client’s compensation to cover solicitor fees.


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  3. Filing claims for personal injury can definitely get expensive if you have to pay all the fees up front. Sometimes finding a lawyer who is willing to represent a client on a contingency basis can be difficult.

  4. I would like to suggest few important details that you should know before filing a claim. Report about the accident as soon as possible and get the accident's details entered into an official accident report book. Then you should seek medical help and keep safely all of your medical bills and other related hospital documents.And arrange a trustworthy witness to present in court.