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Friday, November 23, 2012

Be Healthy, Live Longer, Save Money

Being healthy is expensive….It is this old preconception that many of us always fall for and in turn resort to old unhealthy habits. Saving money on a day to day basis is a possibility if you are willing to stay strong, positive and controlled in an attempt to change your unhealthy behaviour.

Costly Habits that include eating fast-food, drinking (alcohol) and smoking are not only bad news for your pockets but also for your health, with positive correlations being attributed with long-term reductions in average life expectancy. Spend your money on things that will better your health. Gym memberships, healthy food, and even supplements to support a healthy lifestyle. You can even find coupons to get different discounts on supplements like Gundry MD deals - so you don't even need to break the bank to have a healthy lifestyle! 

Be Healthy
Despite negative pre conceptions it is possible to watch your waist line shrink and your health improve whilst adding extra cash into your pocket. The key to success is moderation and reduction; however the ease of such improvements shouldn’t be underestimated.

As stated, removing old habits completely isn’t easily achieved therefore to begin with attempts to reduce and not remove are a wiser choice. A good place to start is through evaluation of your bank statements as this will help to highlight areas of where potential savings can be made.

You could be amazed when you see first-hand the amount of money you could save through the removal and reduction of non-essentials items such as cigarettes.

Cigarette prices have risen more than any other commodity in recent times, therefore tagging it as one of the most expensive habits around. Millions of smokers each year attempt to quit the habit but often fail due to dependency on addictive chemicals such as nicotine.

If you have tried and failed to give up in the past don’t let it get you down and have another go. There has never been a better time to attempt quitting due to increases in the amount of fantastic alternatives available on the market, such as electronic cigarettes . Electronic cigarettes offer a cheaper alternative and healthier option to smoking through a carefully designed product that replicates the physical size and flavour without the harmful by-products.

If that wasn’t enough to persuade you, nations such as New Zealand are planning to pursue a smoke free population by 2025 by increasing the price per pack up to £50 or $79.75 dollars retrospectively. It is time to make the change today and see the benefits in the future.

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