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Friday, November 30, 2012

Save Money: Are you overspending on Broadband

With the market full of competitive broadband suppliers all after your money it can be confusing, overwhelming and difficult to understand what deal is best for your individual needs.

Ofcom, also known as The Office of Communications, has condemned the use of misleading broadband advertising in recent times where by suppliers have suggested products are “Unlimited” when in fact they are far from it.

Due to such advertising, confused customers have received huge bills, leading to a term known as “bill shock” where customers rightly become angry, confused and uncertain of their broadband suppliers. 
As it is clear that many customers are becoming misled at the point of sale by the “unlimited” tag on many limited usage policies, changes are sure to be made in line with new Ofcom recommendations that demand consumers get transparency.

Save Money

So how can you be sure you receive the best package when purchasing a broadband supplier and service? Well as with any purchase it is always wise to shop around and compare packages. There are so many broadband suppliers such as the likes of BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk available; because of such competition broadband speeds have continuingly increased without much change to the overall monthly price.

Although this is all encouraging news to consumers within the communications market, it is imperative to always read the small print prior to signing any fixed term contract especially if you or your business requires certain characteristics from your service.

In regards to business, the growth of digital platforms e-commerce, for many, is now the metaphorical heartbeat of the business. The reliance on high speed internet access, data centres and high bandwidth are imperative for day to day operations and continued productivity. As with selecting individual broadband packages for personal use it can also be confusing for businesses to evaluate communication packages available and in turn select the most cost effective solution.

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  1. It's important to make sure that there are no hidden charges on every services that you avail. If you have questions about your bill, do not hesitate to ask. It's your right as a consumer to know every thing that you are paying for.