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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Millions will head out Last minute Christmas Shopping

Although the organised and well prepared members of the public will now be sat down smugly after completing all of their Christmas Shopping weeks ago, millions of people will still take to the streets in search of last minute purchases ahead of the big day. 

2011 was a record breaking year for last minute shoppers, with 12% more than the year previous being spent on the verge of the big day. If financial forecasts are correct such trends are due to continue this year. The coming days promise to be hectic for shoppers in search of bargains; however the high-street isn’t the only place to ensure gifts arrive in time for loved ones. 

If you’ve left it until the last minute to complete your Christmas Shopping but don’t fancy the heaving, busy and stressful high street queues, don’t panic. Many major online retailers are still guaranteeing accepted orders are delivered in time for the big day. 

Christmas Shopping

Online shopping has already grown by 10% this year, as confidence, accessibility and popularity of the online eCommerce platforms improve. There has been a substantial shift from traditional spending to the rapidly emerging e-spending, due to consumers now looking online for bargain offers and reductions. 

The growth is also aided by the rise in smart phones and tablets, meaning that the latest deals can be now be browsed on the go. If you, like many others, plan to make last minute purchases online or through mobile devices ensure you take proactive precautions to keep your money and details safe when buying gifts for loved ones. Furthermore it is important to remember that overspending can easily occur when online due to the fact no physical cash has to be handed over within the transaction. The use of clever marketing techniques, tempting offers and hidden postage costs can further add to your anticipated potential costs. 

To keep control of the costs, it might be worth considering online payment methods such as Ukash, which remove the risk of overspending through the implementation of pre-paid e-vouchers that can be used across thousands of websites. Such vouchers also help keep your identity safe through anonymous payment and it is easier to learn how to use Ukash than many first think.  

Regardless to whether you have or haven’t already completed your Christmas shopping, this period of year presents a fantastic opportunity to spend time with loved ones and put your feet up.

Have a great time this holiday season!!

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  1. Now the rush is over but the bills are coming in. online shopping does have some disadvantages because you have to use either a debit or credit card.