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Friday, February 22, 2013

Cantor Index is a Fount of Knowledge

Should you be in the position of seeking spread betting guidance that is practical or are unsure how it differs from fixed odds or pari-mutuel betting, you are far from alone. These are the very reasons the Cantor Index is there. Cantor wishes you to realise all the profit that you can from trading. Its impressive beginner's guide details a “how to” approach to the often complex realm of financial betting, and offers you a free demo account to apply the things you have learned without risking real money.

Cantor Index is a Fount of Knowledge

Bernie Cantor and John Fitzgerald laid the foundations of Cantor Index in 1945, and gave rise to a widely-respected specialist in bond broking and investment banking. In the years since, they expended considerable time and effort to make the company what it is now: a company that is among the most reputable in the world of fixed income. They utilised their resources and skills to expand into Equity Capital Markets halfway through the 1960s. The business excelled by specialising in such services as pension funds and portfolio management. They initiated the world's first e-marketplace – for US government securities. All these considerable feats were achieved in less than thirty years. Predictably, Cantor excelled during the boom of the 1980s. In 1983, an office was opened in London, which is now the hub of Cantor Fitzgerald Europe.

Any investigation of Cantor's impressive developments would reveal that the company has true expertise in international financial management. With this expertise came the realisation that, in common with a number of other aspects of world financial markets, there is a requirement for financial betting to be sharpened. This recognition led to the company introducing a demo account that allows you to practice spread betting with Cantor and hone your skills before you have to risk real-life money. This service is appreciated even more in the present financial climate. Cantor is well aware of the consequences of the global recession, and has reacted by creating the Cantor Index website that enables you to devote time to the research of financial markets prior to taking your first steps to turn your fortunes around, as they are likely to have taken a downturn due to the current world recession. Cantor's actions have allowed the company to sustain its tradition of financial innovation. More so than many of its competitors, Cantor is very conscious of the high stakes of spread betting, and does not attempt to conceal the fact from ingénues. This is the reason for Cantor's introduction of a practice facility to make you as confident as possible before your first trade in the real world. There are no hidden charges, so you will know precisely what you have put at stake, beforehand.

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