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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Four simple cash saving tips for the New Year

As January draws to a close, you can still hear those New Year’s resolutions rattling around in your head. And, whether you've kept or broken the ones you've made, there’s always a few more you can stick to as you look forward to the next 12 months.

When it comes to finance, a simple trim here or a discount there can make all the difference, and if you resolve to take a few simple cost-cutting measures, you’ll find your year will be off to a flying start.

Four simple cash saving tips for the New Year

So, take a look at some of these easy but effective ways to skimp on your finances.

Make plans for your passing

Taking out a funeral plan is a good way to maintain your peace of mind and cut costs in the future. With the price of a funeral rising year-on-year, investing in a plan quickly will save you from the woes of inflation and the potential guilt of burdening your family with debt after your passing.

Shop for funeral plans online, find a bargain that suits all of your criteria and be free of worry.

Pop into your local library

Just think about it – how much cash do you spend on books, CDs and DVDs in any given month? If you’re anything like this writer, probably heaps. So, just think of how much cash you could be saving with a regular trip to your local library.

Libraries aren't just filled with fusty old reference books – they also have a wealth of popular fiction, films and music for you to pour your time into. And, best of all, these tomes of knowledge and entertainment are absolutely free.

Although libraries are suffering from closures and budget difficulties, very little can beat their enthusiastic staff and the diverse range of media available when compared to the average, not to mention pricey, high street store.

Have a gander at your tax code

So many people glide through life without paying attention to the tax being taken off them. But, with a simple look at your tax code, you might find that you’re supposed to be paying less, and you might even get a juicy rebate for your diligence.

Become a cash-efficient driver

While cars can be money-hungry monsters at the best of times – insurance, MOT checks and fuel prices do mount up, after all – they’re a necessity in a big city or if you’re regularly on the go.

The trick here is to make your car as efficient as possible – try not to use too much air-conditioning or other unnecessary energy-sappers when you’re driving. More than this, try not to be a speed demon on the road, as the more you accelerate, the more petrol is being used up.

According to finance expert Martin Lewis, driving at the right speed can cut your petrol costs by up to 30 per cent, so ease your foot on the pedal and your finances will ease, too.

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