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Friday, August 15, 2014

Can The Foreign Exchange Market Be Considered To Be A Lucrative Investment Option?

All of you all, who are used to think that stocks can be treated as the only alternative investment option-, have you ever given the foreign exchange market a thought? If not, know for a fact that the foreign exchange market is a viable trading option offering very unique derivatives. About 4 trillion dollars are traded each day, on an average, with traders being provided with innumerable opportunities to push profits and limit risks. The market features the amalgamation of banks, investment firms, commercial banks, retail investors, hedge funds and central banks and offers numerous investing opportunities in the form of:
  • Foreign Currency Options
  • Forex
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Foreign Currency Futures
  • Certificates of Deposits
All these options let you buy, sell and make speculations on currencies. Here is an overview of all the options available:


Retail investors are provided with 2 options when it comes to forex- the traditional option and the Single Payment Option Trading or SPOT trading. The traditional option gives you the right to buy a currency pair at a fixed price and time. For instance, you might as well decide to purchase a “YEN/USD” at 1.5000 in one month. You will stand to lose the premium if the price of the pair falls below 1.5000 a month. On the other hand, if the price soars then you can then sell the option for profits.Visit the homepage of in a bid to gain some idea about their services.  

Foreign Exchange Market

In SPOT trading, the investor might speculate a scenario and secure an option cost quote and if that scenario takes place then he will receive a payout. SPOT entails the automatic conversion of your option to cash in case your option trade is successful. There are different forex brokers in the market.

Foreign Currency Options

You might be given an obligation to buy or sell a currency at a set future date. You will be offered the right to purchase or sell the fixed amount of a foreign currency at a fixed price on or before the specified future date. 

Exchange-Traded Funds

These are more like the index funds, which are indexed on exchanges like that of the stocks. They act as a collection of stocks that helps you understand the composition of an index and its trading value is based on the net asset value of the basic stocks represented by it. They can either come in single or groups of currencies. 

Certificate of Deposits

Certificate of Deposits or CDs are baskets of currencies which entitle investors to earn interests at foreign rates. 


The foreign exchange market can definitely be regarded as a potentially lucrative trading option by those willing to taste their skills as investors. However, do not remain under the false impression that it’s only your luck influencing your chances here. A trader can only expect to carve a consistent path of success by educating himself about the nuances of forex and honing his power of analysis. 

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