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Friday, October 10, 2014

Improve Your Company by Switching to Serviced Offices

Companies in leading world cities are seeing an increase in serviced offices. London is at the forefront of this change, and many business-owners are seeing the benefit of leaving their traditional, dedicated office-space for this more flexible approach. Here are some of the ways switching to serviced offices could improve your company.

Improve Your Company’s Image

Unfortunately, the business world can be shallow so first impressions mean a lot. Service providers pride themselves on five-star service and offer offices in prestigious London areas. They also include access to on-site meeting rooms and training facilities that you can take advantage of. These resources were usually only available to established, successful companies so this kind of image boost can create the kind of desirable brand you need. Your new business address will not only leave a better impression on your customers and business partners, but the nature of sharing the same unbranded building will allow you to easily network with the other businesses. Creating industry contacts is a key part of a company’s long-term success.
Improve Your Company Offices

Pay Through Short Term Contracts

The big problem with traditional office space is having to agree to a long-term contract. This is risky for entrepreneurs looking to test new markets. If your strategy wasn’t going to plan or you decided to downsize your company, you could end up being stuck with the lease. Serviced office suppliers will work to your needs and can offer terms ranging from a few months to several years, allowing you to take the necessary steps in protecting your business. With globalisation increasing, competition is higher than ever, so it makes much more sense to operate under a shorter contract for smaller businesses in particular.

Increase Employee Productivity

Whether you need the space for a large team or a few individuals, making the switch to serviced offices allows you to tailor the property to your needs. With a fast wi-fi connection, video conferencing equipment, and I.T. support you’ll see a dramatic increase in the productivity of your business. Now you can pay for all these services under one contract rather than spending valuable time negotiating with the several different suppliers.
The demand for these services is rising not just in London, but around the globe. In order to ensure the best chance of success for your company you need to be adaptable. Take a look at more tips on how being flexible can benefit your business.

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