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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

6 Money Saving Tips for Spring Break

Spring is almost here, and for many students, that means spring break is also fast approaching. Most college students look forward to traveling and enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation time. 

6 Money Saving Tips for Spring Break

However, most college students are working with a very tight monthly budget and often do not have extra money on hand for a spring break vacation. Here are six money-saving tips for spring break that any college student can utilize to finance their vacation. 

Plan out home expenses

Home expenses are often one of the places where college students waste the most money, especially when they are away from the home. College students can better plan for not only saving money every month on their home expenses, but also how to reduce expenses while they are away from the home. 

Travel in groups

Most people want to be with others while on vacation, but traveling with them can also save a lot of money. College students can split all of their travel expenses by going in a group. There are a lot of hotels and airlines that will offer group discounts, as well as restaurants and other event centers. 

Drive instead of fly

For some destinations, flying is the only option. However, for college students who want to save extra money, driving can be a much less expensive option. A few students can pile in one vehicle together and split the gas costs to have a fun and inexpensive spring break. 

Use student discounts

Just as they do at home, college students can also find a lot of places to get student discounts while on spring break. By asking for student discounts on everything they buy, many people can end up saving hundreds of dollars on their spring break vacation. This can make the financial burden after returning home much more bearable. 

Camp out

Hotels may seem like the best option for any vacation, but camping can be a really fun and much cheaper way to spend the night. Camp ground for tents and RVs are usually located near most popular destinations, so anyone can find an inexpensive place to sleep each night they are on vacation. Camping can also be a fun way for students to try something new and see more of the non-traditional sites along the way during their vacation. 

Bring things from home

It is easy to avoid packing and decide to just buy certain things at the destination, like toiletries and clothes. This may seem like a convenient idea, but it can actually cost a lot more money. Packing these things from home instead of paying higher prices for the same items while at a vacation spot can be much more convenient and less expensive for travelers. Packing snack foods is also a great way to avoid paying high prices at restaurants and gas stations for meals along the way. 

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