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Some people call it “Ballin’ on a budget,” I like to call it being smart. Not everybody can afford to go out and spend top dollar on entertainment. So why leave the house and spend your hard earned money, when you could just stay in, pop your own popcorn and and watch what you want? Many places online will say click here for the best ways to spend money and get what you want. But go no further, I’ve got the solution for you. The money one spends on going out, you know? The whole shebang, dinner, desert, walk the town and finish it off with a movie can cost more than a hundred dollars a night. That’s if you’re dining at a 3 or 4 start place, that’s not even fine-dining. That’s just middle class restaurant. Say it’s done twice a month, that’s averaging three or four-hundred dollars. That’s what most people call, “Breaking the Bank”. 
Ballin' on a Budget
Upgrading your current cable package can eliminate many of the hassles of going out and having to spend all that money. You could be spending a fraction of that and be getting access to all of your favorite movies and TV shows right from the comfort of your own home. No need to use gas or any extra resources to have a night full of entertainment. Watching two movies in the theater can cost a single person twenty-one dollars. Renting 3 movies from the On-Demand feature costs, on average, $18. Now that’s hours of entertainment. That leaves money for snacks, drinks, and any extra supplies needed for a successful movie night. And because of the money that will be saved, these nights can happen more often.  
I am a movie-goer, I love to see movies in theaters. But when it comes to having to manage my own finances and budget out my life, spending hundreds of dollars on entertainment just isn’t something my checkbook can handle. Maybe once a month I can afford to splurge and really go out, but on the other nights when I still want to have a good time but not spend all of my money, I hold a potluck in my apartment, find a good flick and enjoy my evening. 
Of course there are other ways to have cheap fun that don’t include movies or TV, but lets face it, most of America loves sitting around the dinner table enjoying family favorites. And having an upgraded cable package can provide a little bit of something for everybody in the family, which also is a key money saver, happy family, happy life, no? 
Going out as a family can create bonds and bring the family together. But sadly not enough time is being spent together at the dinner table together as a family unit. Having an upgraded cable package provides more opportunity to have the family together and enjoying more than just a TV program, but enjoying the time together as a family. All this is about budgeting affordable entertainment into your life, but no dollar in the world can buy quality time.

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