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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How to Make Budgeting Fun

Following a strict budget can become emotionally tiresome. It can suck the joy of whim spending. It can also make you obsessed with saving, so much so that you neglect your social life because you do not want to spend.  However, you can restore joy to your life, and keep your budget, by transforming budgeting into a fun activity.

Visualize the Future

Replace your money worries with dreams about your future money.  Make a dream board about your financially independent, debt free future. Hang it somewhere you can look at every morning when you wake and right before you go to sleep. 

Make Budgeting Fun

Let your mind truly explore all the possibilities. You can motivate yourself to work harder just by using your imagination. 

Set Goals, and Then Beat Them

Start slowly by setting a small goal, such as committing to spending $10 less than normal each week. Gradually, set more difficult financial goal and aim to improve your budgeting records monthly. 

Reward Yourself

Set up a reward system. Decide a task or goal that deserves a reward if you accomplish it. Pick a big goal such as earning an extra $200 next month. Choose an enticing reward. The reward does not have to be something expensive, or even something that costs. Just make your reward motivating enough that you want to reach it.

Make Coupon Cutting Exciting

Turn coupon hunting into a game. Treat it with the same excitement that you would a treasure hunt. Set a savings goal to achieve with coupons. 

For example, you decide that you want a new pair of shoes. You will only purchase a pair if you can find shoes under $40. Your other shoe stipulations includes buying from a top quality brand, the pair must be extremely comfortable and receive at least 85 percent positive customer reviews. Next, you search through Groupon's Adidas and Footlocker coupon pages until you hit your savings mark.

You feel a sense of triumph once you achieve your coupon goals.

Create a Blog

Show how much you learned about savings by sharing with others. Set up a blog all about saving and budgeting. Decide whether you want it to be a professional, general one or more personal. Next, create an account on a blogging website, such as Wordpress.

Develop a plan. Decide how much to post, when to post it, and topics to cover on your blog. Start writing. 

Stay focused on your goals, enjoy the small stuff, and share with others your journey. These little tricks will help increase your motivation and your fun.


  1. Nice post Denny! Actually, to make budgeting fun I want to suggest something.To make budgeting fun a friend also need. Both could set a goal together. Could update each other weekly on total spent and discuss various ways in which both can save money.