Why The Entrepreneurial Mindset Is The Only Route To Financial Freedom

Have you ever asked yourself why the rich are so rich, and getting richer? Is it just that they are such brilliant people that they succeed in all they do? Or do they just have a different attitude towards money than the average person? 
They Don’t Believe That Education Is The Path To Success
All of us have been taught that education is the way that we get a stable job and a good career. And it’s true that the better educated tend to go on to earn more money. But all that time spent studying esoteric subjects takes away from time learning how to make money. Going to university is about generating people who have specific skills for specific roles. It’s not about transforming people into self-supporting millionaires. 
Financial Freedom
In fact, this is the edifice on which the whole foundation of education is based. The idea isn’t to produce people who will want to rise above their station in life and take on the classes with power. Instead, it’s designed to generate passive people who are content with mundane jobs for the rest of their lives. If you want the life, you dreamed of when you were young, going into the professions isn’t going to provide it. 
They Love Debt
Most people have a negative experience of debt. They blow all their money on consumer goods, like holidays and meals out. And then they wonder why they never seem to have any money to pay it back when the next credit card bill comes due. 
For most people, debt is seen as bad. But for the entrepreneurs, it’s a good thing. Debt isn’t a way of getting the luxuries of life sooner and paying for them later. It’s a way to get the tools today that you need to make more money tomorrow. For instance, equipment financing could provide an entrepreneur with a production line that he or she can later use to sell their product. In other words, debt helps entrepreneurs make more money in the future. 
This is the fundamental difference between the entrepreneurial mindset and the rest of us. Entrepreneurs know that they can use debt to their long-term advantage. 
They Can’t Be Bothered With Corporate Life

Corporate Life
There comes a time in most people’s lives when they decide that they need to make some big financial decisions about their future. They are fed up with constantly going to mum and dad and asking them for money. And, as a result, they weigh up their options. Most people have four choices. They can either forget about work and see it as just something that they have to do to survive. Or they can choose a job that they love but doesn’t pay all that well. Or they can join the corporate ladder and work their way to the top over a lifetime. Or they can forget it all and strike out as an entrepreneur on their own terms. Entrepreneurs don’t want to climb the corporate ladder. They’d rather succeed or fail on their own terms. That way they can achieve financial freedom from their own business, through their own sweat and tears.

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