How To Settle Into A New Home

So, you’re finally in your new home, after all the stress and signing your life away. It’s time to enjoy it and get settled in, but sometimes that’s harder than it seems. Sleeping in a new home can feel strange and it may take longer than you think for everyone to feel comfortable. Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to make sure it’s easy on you and your family.
You want to get everything unpacked so the house feels more like home, but unpacking is a big job. It’s important to be as organised with the unpacking as you were with the packing. Starting off by emptying a few things in different rooms isn’t the way to go. Take out the essentials and then unpack room by room. The best place to start is the kitchen – you’ll need to cook a meal at some point and full boxes won’t help.
How To Settle Into A New Home
What Goes Where
You may have already thought about where to position furniture before moving in. However, things can sometimes change. For example, plug points may not be where you expected them to be. Figure out where you want to put large items like sofas, tables and beds and the rest will come as you settle in. You can then pull out rugs, TV’s and storage units. Leave the accessories like photo frames and vases of flowers until last. 
Tie Up Loose Ends
Although you’re already in your new home, there may still be things you need to see to. For example, your financial advisor may need a few more details from you or you may have to set up home insurance for your new property. Get these things done as quickly as possible so you aren’t left to pay out in the event something goes wrong with the house. If you’re still trying to sell your old house, you may want to search ‘selling my house fast’ online for tips or quotes from companies that buy houses directly.
Settle The Children
It can be even more difficult for children to settle if they don’t have the things they love around them. Dig out their favourite toys and make sure their beds are made the first day you’re there. It’s important for all the family to get as a good a rest as possible on the first night. If the children are at home while you’re unpacking, make sure they have things to entertain them so you can get on with different jobs. You may even want to book some babysitters in advance so you have the chance to organise the home properly.
You can settle your pet by allowing it to explore its new home. Don’t get disheartened by an accident or two – it may just be marking its territory. If you have a dog, walking it around the area of your new home before you move in will ensure it’s used to the surroundings when you’re there. Pets are fairly resilient and will soon settle when they see you comfortable.

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