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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Know Your Financial Rights

We are all affected by the good or bad financial decisions we make. Knowing how to go about choosing the right choices to make can ensure that you are not helpless when it comes to looking after your finances. Avoiding debt and maintaining a good credit score is often a result of being financially savvy as well as educating yourself on how to avoid being taken advantage of. Being proactive, by knowing exactly what you are entitled to financially, means that you will not be caught out by bad financial choices or investments.

Financial Rights

Make sure you keep on top of your taxes

Staying on top of your taxes doesn’t have to be as complicated a many people think. Knowing exactly what you owe and what you are entitled to, regarding tax breaks, for example, is a very basic, but important start when doing your own taxes. Being organised is perhaps the most important way of making sure you don’t end up paying too much or too little tax. If you are in a position to pay for a tax preparer or accountant to look after your taxes for you, then this can give you peace of mind and allows you to put your taxes in the hands of professionals. 

Know what you are entitled to

Apart from what your tax code might entitle you to, you might also be entitled to subsidised healthcare or childcare depending on your circumstances. The company you work for might have some benefits that you are not aware of; this might include subsidised childcare, and health and fitness benefits. Even getting a free membership from the gym is one way to reduce your expenditure, while making sure you get the benefits that you work hard for.

Be prudent before making financial decisions

Before entering into an agreement with an insurance company, a private investment fund or any other financial body, make sure you understand exactly what you agree to. Make sure to read the small print as well before you sign your name to a contract. Do not be afraid to ask ‘obvious’ questions as it is better to be aware of everything you involve yourself with, and not take anything for granted. If you are in a situation in which you require representation for whatever reason, you have been involved in an accident for example, hiring a lawyer to represent you can ensure that your case is in the hands of a professional.

Only pay for what you can afford

While this might sound obvious, living within your means in something that a considerable amount of people struggle to do. Adjusting your lifestyle to suit your financial circumstances means that you need to practice careful budgeting as well as avoiding getting into debt through unnecessary purchases. This might also mean avoiding using credit, or perhaps using credit as a back-up rather than as an immediate form of payment. 

Protect yourself from unscrupulous companies

Be wary of companies claiming unrealistic ways of solving your financial problems. While many scams are very visible, it is not only these ‘scam’ companies that will prey upon individuals but also registered financial organisations. Certain debt management companies, for example, may offer to help you with your financial burden but will often carry out questionable business practices that can leave you in a worse financial state than before. 

In summary, taking control of your finances is largely a matter of common sense and being aware of what you are entitled to, what you should watch out for, and how to protect yourself from those who would take advantage of you.

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