3 Ways To Secure Your Money

All of us earn money, it makes the world go round, we need it to buy food, to pay for bills, everything in our world today requires money! But sometimes it’s not good enough just to have money, you need to make sure that you can keep it safe; a lot of theft and hacking occurs in our modern society, so you need to know how to look after your money so it isn’t taken away from you!
Secure Your Money
If you have a lot of cash or cards, or perhaps even investment items like gold of very high value, a lockbox or safe is a very good buy. Cash obviously is the physical representation of money, and people can make an illegal living out of stealing other people’s money. Lockboxes are small, metal boxes that are incredibly hard to break into, meaning that you can put your cash or valuable items into the lockbox, lock it and they will be safe! There are 2 different kinds of lockboxes, ones that are opened with a key and ones opened by a form of keypad or combination reel. You can buy them from sites, each coming with there own benefits. Key lockboxes are cheaper and are easier to access due to the fact it’s operated by a key, but can be more susceptible to being broke into because the key could be used or a key imitation system could be used, keypad safes are safer because the combination is hard to crack but tend to be more expensive, so it depends on your needs!
Internet Security
Hacking people’s bank accounts online is not unheard of nowadays, and is much more common than physical theft! Make sure you have some form of antivirus or antispyware software installed on your computer in order to prevent cyber attack. These attacks work by registering what your username and password is when you log in, allowing a potential hacker to just log into your account and begin spending your money as if it were you. If you have antispyware software, your computer will recognise it is being “watched” and stop it from happening!
Stay In Touch With Your Bank
This is an important one. You must stay in contact with your bank to make sure that everything is okay on their side of the system. Most banks like Santander will keep you up to date with any changes that occur with your account, either by post or email, so if something does happen look out on either of these two things to get aware of it! Banks can also tell you if someone else has tried to access your bank. If this occurs, you should think about changing all your passwords to make sure they don’t get in!
If you follow any of these 3 ways your money will be much safer, it can be heartbreaking to find out that all of your hard earned cash has been stolen, no one deserves it so you must do everything you can to prevent it from happening! However not everyone has enough money to justify these things because they struggle to save, if that sounds like you then read this.

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