Business – A Real Life Game Of Risk

Have you ever played the game Risk? It’s a game of fictional world domination, and you have to play to try to take over all the countries on the game board.
Did you realize that owning your own business is just like playing a real-life game of risk? Sure, you won’t be fighting armies to try and invade other countries, but there are certainly lots of other risks involved! To give you a taste, here are some very common business risks and what you can do to overcome them.
Compliance Risk
From day one of your business trading, you need to ensure that you are complying with all manner of laws and regulations. This is easier than it sounds as laws are constantly changing and new ones are continually being invented. So, you need to make sure that you are always aware of the current laws so that you can run your business legally. You will find that this becomes much easier once you hire a full-time legal officer in your company.
Risking Your Reputation
You might have an excellent reputation right now, and this could help you bring in droves of customers. But how long will this last for? The answer is that no one can really tell. That’s because there are a few different ways you might risk your business’s reputation. For instance, if you don’t take care of your employees, they might start to leave en mass. And this won’t look good to an outsider. If the quality of your product falters at all, you might also have to deal with some very public negative reviews. However, if you have an excellent customer service team, your reputation should remain intact no matter what gets thrown at it.
Financial Risks
One of the biggest risks that any business is ever going to take is always with their finances. After all, you need to spend and invest money to make it. But those purchases and investments don’t always go to plan. Thankfully, there are ways you can pull yourself up after taking a bad financial risk. There are now lots of finance providers that offer high risk business loans to companies who are in quite a bit of trouble. However, if you have only just dipped into the red ever so slightly, you might be able to get a regular business loan from your bank. This extra cash should help you out until some more of your invoices are paid. 
Operational Risks
Something might go wrong in your company’s day to day work. Usually, these situations often occur when new hires are taken on and they don’t fully understand how the business works. To make sure that these operational risks are kept to a minimum, you should ensure that all new employees are given a full training and onboarding course. That way, they can settle in and do a good job from day one.
There are risks everywhere in business. Just make sure you take yours more seriously than the ones in the board game!

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