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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Money Management And You; How To Keep It Together

Just like everything else in life, your money is just another thing that has to be properly managed. Your money is what enable you to live in the 21st century, without it you’d have no food or house so it’s important to manage everything to ensure that you have money for a day when you need it, and to make sure that whatever you have currently you can deal with appropriately! But what can you do to make this happen? Well, if you read on, you’ll find out!

Money Management

Keep A High Credit Score

Credit scores are becoming very popular amongst banks and lenders, and are almost mandatory to produce to them upon request, but why? Banks and lenders will ask for your credit score whenever you apply for any sized loan or when you’re opening a new account up because it’s a numerical representation of how good you are at paying back your debts. It takes into account things such as previous debts, current debts, payback times and what your current debt repayments are looking like. If your credit score is poor then you can expect to be turned away from a loan application because the lender doesn't think you’re going to be able to pay it back in a suitable manner and time, similarly with bank accounts you could be denied because the bank believes that you’ll constantly run into overdraft and cause troubles with the bank, which is something that they are judging based off your credit score. Credit scores are not always fair due to them only just being used, so a lot of us will have a poor credit score because it only takes into account a small part of our credit history when the rest of it might be good. However, there is a way to rectify this!

Opening A Savings Account

Savings accounts have been around for a very long time and it’s time we started to utilize them properly! Savings accounts don’t actually do a lot per se, however they enable us to do what is known as “temptation free” saving. Temptation saving is what a lot of us do, which is when we get paid at the end of the month all of our money is in our main account and we think it’s fine to go spending a bit of money on stuff we want because we’ve worked out in our head that it’s going to be fine. This can be a very bad attitude to have because if you make the slightest miscalculation you’re going to find yourself in trouble! Even worse than that, you could end up spending what you were supposed to be saving in its entirety because you forgot you were supposed to be putting that money aside. This is where savings accounts come in. You can get them from companies like Bank of America and they are great for completely getting rid of any temptations you might have, as well as making it easier to save. They take out a predetermined amount of money each month and hide it away in your savings account, and over time the amount of money in the account accumulates into something big, not to mention the extra cash you get for the interest on it! Now for them temptation part; savings account values do not appear on your main account balance and can not be accessed by your card meaning that you’re never going to make a miscalculation and you’re never going to be able to accidentally spend it on your card, you’re going to have to manually transfer the money over which can take a while, so go ahead and open one now!

Debt Consolidation Loans

Everyone has debts they have to pay for, it’s a fact of life and having debts does not mean that you’re bad with your money, it’s the way you deal with debts that decides whether or not you’re savvy with your cash or not. The main problem that people have with debt is that it’s hard to keep a track of; most people will have small debts owed to loads of different companies, and trying to keep a track of all of these payments being taken out of your account at different times is very difficult. It means that you can’t properly plan with your money because you’re not sure how much you actually have, so what can be done about this? Well, you can get a debt consolidation loan which takes out all of the hassle of paying pay multiple debts! They work by paying off all of you existing debts, and then you inturn repay that company but instead of it being loads of different payments it’s one big easy one. It’s taken out of your account at the same time each month and there is only one payment to be made, meaning you can track your money much better making life easier for yourself. If you want to keep reading about these loans because they might suit your needs.


Budgeting is a skill that generations of humans have had to learn, but no matter how many generations down the line we get it still doesn’t get any easier! Budgeting is essentially the method in which you plan out your money for the month; this dictates how much spare cash you have to spend, and what bills you’re going to pay. Budgeting doesn’t sound important, but it is because it’s the way that you keep a track of your money so you know exactly what is going on. Manually budgeting with paper and pen is a very difficult and laborious process; you’re going to have to work everything out with your head or a calculator, and this can drag the process out massively. But, with all of the wonders of technology available for us to use in the 21st century, we’re covered!. You enter your bill details, how much you pay per month for things and how much money you’re earning, and it will tell you how much money you’re going to be able to spend and how much you should be putting away! This is only a very brief explanation of what these services offer, so it’s worth checking them out to see what they do for yourself!

Invest Spare Money

Investing is one of the best ways to make money out of just money, and it’s very easy to get your money back from an investment when you need it immediately, so what can you do? Well, a very good bet is investing in precious metals such as gold. Gold is a very stable market currently because the levels of gold are dropping and we only want more of it, which means that the price of gold is steadily rising so you don’t have to worry about losing money on it! You can sell your gold whenever you like too if you need to money back from your investment quick to pay for something. Investing your money is better than just buying something with it because with investments you make money out of just waiting and playing the market, with gold this is especially true as you’re going to have value accumulate on the gold that you’ve purchased, so who knows, maybe one day it’ll be worth a small fortune and you’ll be thankful that you purchased it all those years ago!

It’s advisable that you do all of these things if you want to keep managing your finances well because all of these things cover just about everything! Get a savings account and stash money away inside it just to make sure you’ve got some spare money for when you need it, keep a high credit score so that if you do not to borrow a large amount of money or open a new bank account you’re going to be able to do so without the worry of getting denied for it. Invest your spare money so that you’ve got another valuable fallback to use incase things go south, or if they don’t you’re going to be making money for free! Budget properly so that you can ensure you’ve got enough cash to take you through the month and get a debt consolidation loan if you find all your small payments are too hard to track, and you're not going to go very far wrong at all! These things cover all aspects of your finances, and because you’re going to need your money to have the highest quality of life possible, you’re going to want to ensure that everything is kept the way it should be, so go ahead and try all of these things out because they’re only going to make your life easier and much more enjoyable!

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