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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Money Sucks!

Well, it doesn’t really does it. But in a way it really does at the same time. As you move from your teenage years into actual adult life, it’s just a downhill spiral of bills, living costs, and trying to maintain a social life. As you go through these troublesome times, there are a few ways to help you keep on track.


Plan Your Money

We’ve all heard of people complaining that they live like a king for the first week, then by the second week they’re searching for the penny’s. Don’t let this be you! If you know you’re terrible at this, then start planning your money. If you have a stable monthly income, then plan all of your bills, spending on things such as fuel if you drive, or even meals out with friends. Put absolutely everything into your list and see what you have left over. By accounting for everything you’ll have a realistic goal of what you’ll actually have left over. Then divide that by the weeks, and drip feed yourself the end number each week. It’ll be a much less painful month doing it this way.

Don’t Pay In Full

If you’re one of those people who saves for months and months to buy something. Don’t. It takes too long to get there, you’re often found having to take money from your savings, and it’s just generally an annoying process. Consider something like a loan from companies such as Repayments are usually small, and it can help you purchase what you want, exactly when you want it. Leaving the rest of your money free to be spent. It just saves yourself worrying constantly about having to save, and it’s easier to spread the cost of something rather than trying to do it yourself.

Stop Saying Yes!

The biggest downfall across the country… we can’t help but say yes. It’s like we feel obliged to agree to every social occasion. We could only have $5 left for the week, and we’d still say yes. This is such a poor habit to get into. It puts stress on you, and if you do it once, people will expect it of you all the time. Know your limits with your money, if attending your 3rd social event of the month is going to cripple you, just say no! If you explain to people that money is tight, they will understand, and are most likely in the same boat!

Savings Account

Simple, yet effective. Opening an account where you can feed a little bit of money in, but can’t withdraw it is such an effective way of saving your money. Most of them will let you put in whatever amount a month that’s good for you. Most will only let you withdraw it a few times a year,, so it really is an effective way of building up a little funding pot for yourself.

So being an adult and dealing with money really does suck, but above are just a few little ways you can make it easier for yourself!

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