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Monday, November 20, 2017

Personal Finance & Organizational Tips to Have a Better Life

Do you want to get ahead in your financial and personal life? Sure, you do. We all do. What’s often holding us back from achieving more is a lack of financial prudence, good organizational skills and being able to think with a project-based mindset. You can be sure that the financial companies you deal with are organized and efficient, which helps them get the best part of any deal. It’s important that you up your personal game.

Personal Finance

Here are a few tips relating to personal finances and being better prepared for life. 

Spend Based on Value & Cut Back Where the Value Isn’t There

When you start to think about what you spend money on, try to look at things from a value standpoint. Does what you’re spending on give you value in your life? Many times, the answer is “no.” Perhaps that cable or Netflix subscription used to deliver enough value, but now it’s only an extra bill and you don’t keep up with what’s on TV now anyway. 

Seeing things from a value received vs. simply cutting your spending makes what you’re spending on feel more real. Rather than feeling punitive, you can examine what delivers the most happiness or usefulness or solves the most problems – whatever value means to you – and spend up on that while cutting back on what doesn’t pass the value test.

Improve Your Organizational Skills

You may or may not be in a management position in your job where being able to manage projects is an essential skill. However, running a household and organizing the various aspects of keeping a home is a challenge unto itself. With an automobile, proper maintenance performed at certain times of the year prevents problems occurring and saves money on repair bills and servicing costs. Being able to maintain a checklist of tasks or a project list of what upcoming tasks are needed, like adding anti-freeze in late fall to avoid the lines freezing, helps keep your life running smoothly.

Do you think you’ll struggle to manage home projects efficiently? If you do, then the masters in project and program management program at Brandeis University is an excellent way to understand how projects can be broken down into component parts. By studying for online MSMPP degree, you will develop interesting new skills that can be used at home and also applied to work too. 

Cut Your Travel Costs While Expanding Your Horizons

Whether you’re traveling alone, with a partner, or towing a gaggle of hyperactive kids with you, traveling the States is difficult and expensive. A good idea is to rent an RV and take a road trip. There are plenty of RV parks with full services throughout the U.S. and sites like confirm where a B-class and C-class RV’s can stay for free overnight without hookups for sewer, water, and electricity. 

The real benefit of traveling in an RV is that you get to see more of the places that are hard to get to when flying from city to city or taking a Greyhound bus. They’re more off-the-beaten-path and difficult to reach otherwise. You’re also able to urban camp at Walmart and stock up on food to save on eating out in restaurants all the time, which gets expensive really fast on a vacation trip.

Being better organized and able to manage multiple ongoing home projects helps with keeping your personal finances in great shape. You don’t lose control of the little things and can focus on what matters to watch the pennies and the dollars successfully. Also, when you have personal financial goals that you’re working towards like financial independence, you’ll be better equipped to achieve them.

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