Climb Into Your Customer’s Pocket With an Awesome Smartphone App

Apps are something that the world’s big brands tapped into a while ago now, and have been reaping the rewards of the great things they can do for business. However, something that many medium and smaller sized companies haven’t got on board with yet which could be preventing their business from growing. It’s a great way to boost profits and has so many benefits that as a company owner you simply can’t afford to miss out on. Set aside a budget and speak to an experienced app designer, you will want to make your app interesting and responsive, and make it worthwhile for the customer to download. Here are a few of the reasons you need to be climbing into your customer’s pocket by persuading them to install your app on their phone!
Smartphone App
App Help You to Stay in the Mind’s Eye of the Customer
 Marketing experts are in agreement that the average person is spending more and more time on mobile devices, which is linked with the developing world’s flourishing economies. Research suggests that people spend at least one and a half hours on their smartphones every day and much more in most cases. With access to so much information and incredible apps, it’s only the best that customers will keep on their devices permanently, so ensure you’re working with an experienced designer and you’ve done your research. Once an app is downloaded to a customer’s phone, even seeing it without using it can help to build trust and familiarity meaning they are more likely to use you when they need your products or services.
Apps Will Build up Your Brand
As a smaller or newer business, your more established competition often has the advantage over you due to branding. Customers know that brands generally mean good quality, good service and that they will get what they pay for. People trust brands, and as a rule are willing to spend more money on them because they know they’re buying a promise of good quality. For this reason, building your brand is an extremely wise move as a business and something you should be pouring your efforts into. You need to work on building up your businesses brand so that customers see you in the same way as your established competitors, such as how they look at enterprise ecommerce sites. You don’t want them to feel wary when it comes to shopping with you. Along with things like a great logo, website, and smart marketing, an app will help you to cement your brand and makes you look trustworthy. Scammers don’t go through the hassle of creating an app, so when a customer sees you have one, it’s something that can build trust.  If you’re looking to increase your brand awareness, an app can do exactly this.  A recognisable brand will mean more customers and therefore better profits for you, and this is something that an app can help you to achieve. 
Apps Help You To Evaluate Your Analytics
When customers access your app, one thing you could do is ask them to sign up to your website through the app. You need to make this worth their while so offer something they want, it could be deals, discounts or the full list of app features available. That way you get to harvest tonnes of information about them including their age, gender, and common interests. This is so useful to your business and you can use this information about who, what, when and why people use your products and services. It’s a free way to get some solid market research in a way that doesn’t feel too intrusive to the customer. Apps have a review section that you can check out too; these comments can be used to improve your business, products or services and allow you to create a better-targeted marketing strategy. 
It Makes Contacting You Easy For Your Customers
Your customers need to be able to contact you easily, it’s something they will see as being very important. They will want to know that if things go wrong, they can get in contact easily so that their transaction can get sorted. An app makes this exceptionally easy, ask your app designer to install a button taking them to a contact form. No need for them to go searching for phone numbers, email addresses or anything else. Everything is accessible and right there. 
Had you realised the power an app could have on your business?

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