Affording A Holiday: Save Up On Your Travels

When saving up for a holiday, there are many things that you can do to make the experience as affordable as possible. One great way to do that is by focusing on the travel and accommodation aspect of it all. Why pay more when you can have it for so much less?
The most common option when trying to plan a holiday around the budget you have, is to take out a loan so that you can have everything you need, then and there. There are tons of different deals out there, so have a browse and visit the site to get more details. 
But it doesn’t stop there. Here are some of the best tips and tricks to get away for less.
Travel out of season
Try not going away to obvious places based on the season you’re in. Instead, go off season so you can find the best deals out there. A lot of places in Europe have decent weather during the September time, the only difference being that kids are back at school, so flights will be a lot cheaper, but you also get the added bonus of the location not being overcrowded with large families.
Go when it’s cheapest
The price of a flight can vary completely depending on when it is booked. The month, day, and time of travel all play a big part into the overall price. So compare prices while playing around with different dates, and see what dates and times work out cheaper to fly on. Try avoiding weekends and bank holidays as this is when most people will book, and airline companies know that, meaning they up the prices. So consider flying from Tuesday to Tuesday, rather than Friday or Saturday.
Book airport parking in advance
If you have to leave your vehicle behind at the airport because you have no other option than to drive yourself – book your slot in advance. You can do it on the day, but you will have to pay a lot more than if you had done it weeks ago along with booking your flight.
Consider flying indirect
A lot of people don’t like to fly indirect with a stop over because it feels a hassle, and if you’re impatient, then this just isn’t desired. But if you’re more interested in saving money than time, then this is a very good option because this is always a lot cheaper than flying directly, because most people don’t do it. Having said that you get the benefit from seeing a new area by flying indirectly. You may discover a place that you’d never thought about going to, only to realise how beautiful it is.
Avoid the extra baggage costs
If you don’t like the idea of having to pay a lot more for extra baggage than you want to, then wear your items rather than trying to fit them all into your suitcase. It doesn’t matter how silly you feel, if you have a large sweater that you know weighs quite a bit – throw it on over your top, or even just tie it around your waist. There are even specific jackets that have been made to work as a carrier of luggage, with extra secure pockets and compartments to store away your things safely without having to weigh your case down.
Bring your own food 
A lot of people think that you can’t bring your own food on board with you, but unless the specific airline states otherwise – you can. As long as it’s not a liquid, including things like soup and yoghurt. This will save you money because you won’t end up getting hungry on a long flight and paying ridiculous prices for food and drink when you can get it for half the price, if not less.
Take a private room instead of a hotel
This has become a super popular form of accommodation nowadays, as people much prefer to pay for a room, or whole apartment, even with a garden – than a hotel. This is because it’s usually very local to where they want to be, but for a fraction of the price. This may even add to your overall experience, as hotels always tend to look the same because they’re made commercially. Whereas staying in an apartment or home that is situated locally, by a local, will give you a proper sense of the culture there.
Swap homes
If you’re thinking about going away but hate having to pay so much on accommodation, then consider doing a home swap instead. A lot of people aren’t aware that this goes on, but thanks to different sites, you can advertise your home, while others advertise theirs, and when you see somewhere you like, you can offer to swap. That way you get to stay somewhere nice during your holiday, and vice versa.
Eat like a local
Rather than eating in the restaurants every single night (as fun as it can be) there is so much more to see and taste. So cut the fine dining down a little, and try focusing more on where the locals eat. Hit the backstreets and look at the markets, there is no better way of experiencing different tastes and cultures than taking a walk and following your nose. Another trick you can do is to top up on the all inclusive buffet breakfast if you’re staying in a hotel. Make the most of it, no one is judging – that’s what it’s there for.
Get paid while you’re there
If you’re planning on going away for a while and travelling around, then a great idea is to make money while you’re away, so you never have to worry about running out on cash. There are plenty of sites that advertise local jobs doing things like grape picking in France, to English teaching in Asia. Not only can you make a few extra bucks, but you will most likely be offered a place to stay too, so you can save up the money you’re making and use it to pay for your next journey.

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