Budgeting Made Easy: Best Apps to Manage Spending

According to Daily Money, savings apps and trackers can provide users with ultra-personalized budgets and custom savings strategies that can help in managing money better, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. For proven tips and ideas on managing your budget more effectively and staying out of debt. Click here to find payday loans near Colorado Springs.

Here are reviews for some of the best money-management apps you can find on IOS, Android, and Windows operating systems;
#1: Mint
This app is regarded as one of the best budgeting apps that can help you stay away from unnecessary debts. This is a free app that simply works by helping you to track your expenses and it can be linked to all your bank and credit card accounts. The Mint app can be linked to your monthly bills; hence all your finances are centrally located in one place. Mint works by notifying you when bills are due, it will also notify you of the amount own and the amount you can pay. This app will send you payment reminders so that you can avoid penalty fees. Mint will give you advice based on your spending habits as well as your total bills. It comes with a free credit score too. This app is available for both IOS and Android platforms. 
#2: You Need A Budget (YNAB)
According to Daily Money, YNAB is perhaps one of the best budgeting apps that helps you stop living from one paycheck to another. This app will help you pay down debt, and also calculates how much you can save for emergency spending purpose. The main principle of this app is that every dollar has a job, hence the app will not create a budget for what you don’t have. The app comes with an in-built accountability partner and it forces you to live within your income. YNAB is not free, but the monthly or annual fee is very small. The services come with an online instructor who provides answers to questions asked by users, likewise, free budgeting basics are taught. This app is available for Android, IOS, and Windows. 
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#3: Wally
Wally has been adjudged as one of the best apps for tracking expenses, hence it is suitable for those who want to stay organized with their personal spending. This app will send you expense reports and you don’t need to log in manually to access your expenses at the end of the day, week or month. Willy can be used to take images of your receipts, and if you have Geo-location feature on your device and then fill the forms automatically with the Geo-location feature, hence saving you the time you would have spent filling details of your receipts. Wally is a streamlined app that is quite easy to use. It is available on Windows, IOS, and Android platforms. 
wally app
#4: Acorns
This app has been described as the best for painless money saving. It helps you automate a goof financial behavior. You need to connect your debit, credit cards and account to this app, and each time you spend from that card or account, the app will round up your spending to the nearest dollar, and then automatically invest differences in your spending and savings in an investment portfolio such as the ETFs (Exchange Trade Funds) that you have chosen before, based on the risk preferences. Acorns will put your little savings to work and you will surprise that you can find up to 1500$ or more in your investment account each year. Acorn only charges $1 a month for college students and at least $20 for income earners, depending on the volume of income. 
#5: The PocketGuard
PocketGuard is available only on Android and IOS platforms. The app can be described as an all-in-one tracker for bank accounts, and a budget-management software. This app is simple to use, it will display the amount you have in your linked accounts and how much you can afford to spend a day. This app will automatically connect your accounts and cards via an encrypted and read-only connection, which means you can quickly view your account status as well as your connections securely.  This app will also sort your subscriptions, purchases, and bills and then provide you an estimate on how much you can save and spend on each account you linked. 
pocket guard app
#6: Dollarbird
This is a free budget management app that only takes a calendar-reading approach to tracking expenses and budgeting. With this app, you can remove, add or edit your expenses and incomes generated in the past, and estimated income in the future. This app will help in categorizing your entries and you can view them in timeline mode or in calendar mode. You can connect this app to your mobile and PC interfaces. While the free version comes with the basic expenses budgeting and management features, the premium version of the app can help you create multiple budgeting and even share your information with your friends online. This app is most suitable for families and small groups of users.

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