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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Speed Up Warehouse Shipment With These First-Class Ideas

If you are able to speed up all of the order shipments from your warehouse, you will find that you could greatly increase your profits. That’s largely down to the fact that speeding up shipments will improve your reputation for being an efficient business. These days, customers want the things they buy online as soon as possible and are a lot more likely to go with the companies who can send items out as quickly as possible.


However, speeding up shipments isn't going to happen overnight. In fact, it’s something that you will need to work on so that you can improve your warehouse’s efficiency and productivity. Here are some great ideas that can help you with that.

Regularly Maintain Warehouse Machines

If something goes wrong with one of the machines or tools in your warehouse, you could find that it disrupts a lot of your processes. As a result, your shipments might be delayed or completely canceled. Obviously, that isn't going to please your customers! So, to prevent this from ever happening, you should regularly maintain your machines. It’s also a good idea to stock up on spare parts, like a heavy duty caster, so that you can always replace any old or broken pieces. Generally speaking, most machines should be serviced every six months or so.

Warehouse machines

Give Warehouse Employees Effective KPIs

To ensure that your warehouse employees are always productive and highly motivated, it’s a good idea to give them KPIs to work towards. KPIs are basically just goals and targets that they should be working towards. One of the benefits of setting KPIs is that the results are very easy to measure. That way, you can see how your warehouse team is adapting to the new pressure of reaching your improved shipment targets.

Use Automation Wherever Possible

Did you know that it is now easier to automate the warehouse than ever before? It’s true! And you don’t have to introduce some scary robots! But there are now lots of conveyor belts, machines, and other tools that can be automated and used without any human interaction. This can leave your warehouse employees to get on with more important tasks. You will find that automating the warehouse wherever you can will really help you upgrade the overall productivity and efficiency.

Warehouse Shipment

Use Your Own Delivery Drivers

The majority of companies use external courier firms to ship their products. These couriers pick the orders up from the warehouse and then take them right to the customers’ doors. However, lots of problems can arise when you outsource your deliveries. You will find that it is much more effective to bring this in-house and use your own delivery drivers. Your own drivers will be more familiar with your warehouse and will be quicker at picking up orders. Plus, you can put your own delivery targets in place which should help speed up shipment.

Hopefully, these first-class ideas will help you speed up your shipments and make your customers think you’ve delivered by first-class mail!

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