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Friday, March 2, 2018

Top Forex Brokers of 2018 Year: Who Are They?

Mastering the art of Forex trading does not necessarily mean that you will successful in the business. Sure, it is a very important thing in the grand scheme of things but having the right platform to practice your expertise will ultimately determine your returns. The question now is, who are the best brokers for you this year? This is a very hard question to answer considering the market is flooded with companies that purport to be the best yet they are the ones who profit the most. TopBrokers’s list of Forex companies and top brokers seeks to step in and solve this problem for you in 2018. We are going to narrow down the list and show you some of the most reliable FX platforms this year.


What Criteria Are We Using to Identify the Best Company?

When it comes to filtering through a pile of Forex URLs, the use of certain criteria cut down the job pretty well. The main things to consider when choosing a Forex broker are:
  • Ratings and Reviews (Reputation)
  • Spread
  • Customer Service
Broker’s Ratings and Reviews

Ratings are very important when it comes to any online businesses, let alone Forex. A good rating will place you at the top of all searches in your category and traders will find it easier to trust you with their investments. The best rated brokers end up to win big awards and get international recognition.

Good reviews and ratings go hand in hand. If someone gives you 5 stars, they definitely have something positive to say about you. 


A good FX platform should be able to make you good money. That’s why you are in it in the first place. Brokers with the most suitable spreads will always beat out the competition. If a trader senses that the spread favors the broker more than him or her, they will opt for a different platform.

Customer Service

A good broker should always ensure that his or her traders are satisfied. Quick responses, open communication and proper delivery of educational material to improve the client’s knowledge of the trade are important.

Our Opinion about Top Ranked Brokers of 2018.


HYCM has been building its reputation for over 40 years. Last year it received proper recognition by being named the best European broker. They were also named best brokers in Dubai and the UAE. This year they are growing bigger than ever. At HYCM, trading begins with as low as $100. One of the things that make them stand out is their risk-management tools which are highly advanced and can help you maneuver the trading market like a pro.


FxPro also came in strong in 2017 and this year they are soaring for greater heights.  They pride themselves in their low spreads and over 70 pairs. They also have both fixed and floating spreads. Currently, they are one of the most diverse companies in the market with numerous trading platforms and 6 asset classes. You can trade all the six classes in one account.

FXTM (ForexTime)

Have you ever thought of branching out from trading just Forex to gold and even oil? FXTM is definitely for you. ForexTime is one of the most trader-oriented platforms on the market. With an ECN account, you can enjoy a spread of as low as 0.1. Their leverage is highly flexible and your trade will be executed in a fraction of a second. FXTM is a good platform for both experts and beginners. If you are starting out, they will provide you with all the relevant resources form webinars to articles. Once you get the hang of it, you can be able to utilize their advanced analysis tools.

If you are looking to make real profits this year, these three brokers will definitely get you there. Other honorable mentions include FXCM, FIBO Group, AMarkets and HotForex.

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