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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Is Being Paper Free Actually Possible Within A Business?

The world is very much set on making a change so that we can save our forests and in the long run, save our planet from all of the damage we have caused. A popular thing for people to do these days is to go paper free with their bills, and this saves an extortionate amount of paper each year. However, wouldn't it be nice to impress your customers and turn your business into a completely paper free business? Is that even possible? Today we’re going to explore a few ways in which you can turn your business into an earth friendly and modern business.

paperless business

Email Receipt

You may have already experienced this yourself, but many stores and businesses are now offering email receipts rather than paper ones, and it’s amazing that we've not done this sooner! Nobody likes having a screwed up piece of paper in their pocket, and if you’re shopping for groceries and the receipt is put in your bag, it’s likely to become dampened and possibly ruined. Consider switching to email receipts (e-receipts) so that you can take a step into becoming a paperless business! It’s also a great marketing strategy because you will need their email address to do so, meaning that you could send them newsletters and updates keeping customers interested!

Digital Asset Management

You’ve probably got some super important documents in your office that are crucial to the business, but do they really need to be on paper? Templafy offer digital asset management that can swiftly and safely turn your office into a paper free haven! Imagine all of the space that you will have in your cupboards now! Check out Templafy’s link here and see how not only could it help with your paperless quest, but in many other ways too!

Ditch The Paper Marketing

Leaflets and adverts in newspapers are old news these days as everyone is online these days. Whether it be social media, catching up on the latest celebrity news, or simply working from home it’s now easier than ever to get your content in front of people’s faces. Remember earlier when we mentioned e-receipts? This is where you can use their email addresses to your advantage. Plus, you can advertise on pretty much any website, so there’s a good chance that your business will be put in front of many people’s faces!

Recycle Any Paper You Receive

Finally, there will be times when you receive paper. Whether it be a document that hasn't been digitized yet, or a thank you letter from a customer, you could and should recycle any paper that you receive once any important data has been removed. Making this promise for the world will make you a more attractive company and may even boost the amount of custom you receive!

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