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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Start Your Wealth Creation Journey With These Unusual Investment Tips

Remember 1999 when it was considered weird to buy equities? Turns out it was a great year for the bull market and set the tone for what we now know as one of the best bull runs of our time. But investing in stocks and share is not the only avenues investors can tread when expanding on their wealth portfolios. Turns out there are a number of options out there that can build up a sizeable investment portfolio.

Investment Tips

Not Everything Is Bureaucratic In Corporate

Conservative investors should look the other way as this investment option is a little unorthodox. One of the best-performing investments out there is corporate bonds which are outperforming what is considered safe investments: treasuries. These so-called “safe” investments have yielded a measly 2.4%, whereas corporate bonds such as junk bonds can yield around 5.66% on a good run. It will take investors far longer to make up the fees and costs associated with treasuries and with the volatile market conditions, they may even lose funds if accessed before the initial 10-year period.

Bring Out The Coin Collection

Precious metals have long been part of investment strategies, even though the shift has moved from currency to commodity. Although a solid gold bar is not quite the modern investment strategy for the average investor, legal ways of investing in precious metals include jewelry and special minted coins. Furthermore, when it comes to Titanium, Titanium supplies TMS Titanium ( says that this precious metal is a sustainable addition to the framework of houses, as it lasts far longer than other metals and does not corrode or deteriorate due to the environment.

Ever Heard Of A Life Settlement?

Slightly morbid and a  little under the radar, the investment in life settlements happens to be a lucrative investment vehicle if done right. It allows investors to invest in life policies and earn a return on the death of the policyholder, as they would effectively be beneficiaries. There is substantial risk in this type of investment and investing through the larger, more established insurance houses are recommended. Beneficiaries will also need to wait for the death of the policyholder before receiving payment.

Investments don’t always have to be the run-of-the-mill options that make up the options in a regular financial wellbeing brochure. Sometimes it takes some savvy and a financial advisor who has a keen eye for a different type of strategy as not all needs are the same. Diversity in an investment portfolio is one of the easiest ways to ensure that the investments are spread, thus reducing the risk.

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