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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Creating Trust By Making Your Small Business Appear Bigger

Trust is important in any relationship, and the relationship between a business and a consumer is no different. However, for small businesses, creating this sense of trust can be difficult. After all, you are going to be competing with the bigger and more established firms in your industry, and these are the sorts of companies that consumers tend to trust more. With that in mind, you can create a greater sense of trust in your business by using different techniques and tricks that will make your company appear bigger and more established. Read on to discover the different ways you can create a sense of trust by making your small business appear bigger.

Focus on search engine optimisation

When we look for a company online, we typically use Google or another search engine in order to locate the type of business, service or product we are looking for. When we perform such as search, there is no denying that we are attracted to the first few searches that pop up. We tend to view these companies as more trustworthy and more established. After all, they are featured at the top of Google. Therefore, you can make your business appear more established and most trustworthy by focusing on your search engine optimisation strategy. You can find some useful small business SEO tips here: By climbing the search engine result pages, you will not only a appear more visible to your consumers but you will cement your status as a trustworthy business. There are a number of different search engine techniques you can use today. But one thing you should never do is use black hat SEO techniques. A black hat search engine optimisation technique is one that essentially cheats Google. This means that it uses strategies that go against Google's terms and conditions in order to manipulate the search engine and climb up the result pages. If you use this approach, you may benefit from quick results. However, these results will quickly fade because your website will be punished by Google when it realises that you are breaking their policies, and it will definitely realise this. Not only does this mean that your website will fall from the first few pages of Google, but it is also bad for your reputation and this is something that will be incredibly difficult to build back up again. So, no matter what a search engine optimisation techniques you use, make sure that they are white hat and organic so that you can generate long-lasting results. 

Use higher invoice numbers

Another tip that you can use to make your business appear bigger than it is is really straightforward and simple. This involves using higher numbers on your invoices. For example, if you send an invoice to a client and it has the invoice number 12 at the top of the page, this shows the client that you are inexperienced and that you have not had many customers before. This may make them feel sceptical about your ability to take on bigger or more complex orders in the future, and so they may end up looking for more established businesses for further work. The easy way to combat this is by starting your invoices at a bigger number. So, instead of putting the invoice number 12 at the top of the document, you should put the number 1012 instead. This is a simple trick that can make your business look much bigger than it is and create a sense of trust.

Invest in a virtual office

Another way to make your business look more established and to create trust amongst your consumers and potential consumers are to invest in virtual office services. You can find out more about this at With a virtual office, you will benefit from a prestigious business address, which can be included on your website. This is especially beneficial for those of you who currently run your business from your home. It is unlikely that you will want to include your home address on your website, and this also does not give off a very good impression when you were trying to show that your business is large and established. Instead, with virtual office services, you can display a prestigious and elite address, however, you do not actually have to pick up your mail from this location. Instead, the company providing the virtual office service will send all of your correspondence to you via secure email. This will also help you to run your business more efficiently in the process.

Create a professional website

The final thing that you need to do in order to give off the impression that your business is established is to have a professional website. You may have a website at present, but is it professional? If the website in question has been built using an amateur service or by using a free website builder, it is unlikely that you are giving off the correct vibe. A professional service is a necessity because free website builders have limited capabilities and all websites created using this sort of software will look identical to one another. This will make it impossible for you to show off your brand image, and therefore, customers will not be able to connect with you nor will they know what your business is about. This will only dilute your brand identity and your position in the industry. Moreover, you need to recognise that a website is an ongoing process. Trends are changing all of the time and if you do not continue to update your website and the user experience that it provides, you are only going to get left behind.

If you follow the suggestions that have been provided above, you can make sure that your business appears big and well established in the eyes of your consumers. You'll be shocked by how much of a difference little changes like this can make to your overall brand identity and success within the market.

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